9 Great Christmas Ideas for your wife

Every time when Christmas is coming,I always have big question in my head: What to get my wife for this Christmas?Do you think the same thing?If yes,you come right place.I made list of 9 great ideas ,which you can buy for your wife :

Shirt with skeleton

You have the pictures on Facebook fixed ever seen where there is a skeleton sitting on a bench, with “Waiting for the right man / woman.”

That was the inspiration for the design of this shirt. This T-shirt with an image of a skeleton for those who have long been waiting for Mr. Right. As long as you’re already significantly downsized from …

A black t-shirt with a skeleton waiting for Mr. Right can be obtained in sizes S / 3XL. Shows how long you have been on the right wait!

Neck pillow for travel

You probably know this situation well: You are sitting in the back with a long drive, and you bring you over backward to do but finding a comfortable sleeping position.

Eventually, you usually end up in a position that you would certainly advise against doctors, with some neck pain as a result.

This travel pillow sleeps now like a baby, wherever you are. The evolution neck pillow also comes with custom foam earplugs with which you can completely shut down the world. Comfort during a long drive or travel!

Multiple USB ports

Connect multiple devices to your desktop or laptop, but all ports are full? That is no longer a problem because you have a USB hub vintage racer.

You plug the hub into your computer, open the hood and now have multiple ports.

Quickly charge your smartphone and connect many USB devices to your desktop or laptop! Plug your smartphone into a vintage racer and charge it!

Bananas protective box

You probably know this situation well: you bring a banana to the office or school and when you arrive there, that the banana has become quite soft by being crushed between your stuff.

This problem belongs to the past with the Vacuvin banana box.

This is a convenient and thoughtful protective box for carrying a banana, for example, to the office or college! No flat-pressed bananas!

Personalized Calendar – School or work schedule

During the school year, it is important to take notes about rehearsals and what courses to follow. Of course, a book also useful when working to jot including when meetings are like.

Design the best blog, do it yourself. The book cover can be personalized with your photo, logo or text. The personalized diary gives a cheerful touch to your school, workplace or office. Show who you are with your agenda!

Lipstick pen

If you go to school or to work, everyone wonders why you have a lipstick with you instead of a pen. Show off your colleagues or friends this lipstick is no lipstick. Indeed, it is a handy pen.

The lipstick pen is about 10 cm in size. If this pen in your purse away it looks like a real lipstick!

School or work pouch with own text and pictures

A case can always use. At work and school is a handy bag.

Why do you choose or not for a custom case? Then you always know exactly what case is yours.

The case has a handy zipper. Pins can be easily inserted into the straps, which are specially made for this. Fun, Hip, Original and Personal with name and photo! Personalize your case!

Gold Bullion as key

We dream all like to be rich. We help you on your way to feeling at least productive. This Goldbar core, it seems like you have a nugget of pure gold with you. It helps you always feel productive when you have it with you.

The gold bar is a keychain so you can attach it for example to your house or car keys. When you use these keys do you feel productive. Gold Stick to your key!

Table Lamp Ride as a person

Have you ever seen a light which is just like you and me? We have seen him. This Bonhomme table lamp by La Chaise Longue should not be missing on a nightstand, desk or side table. The lamp with a frame made of wood, you can adjust to various positions.

This enables you to the light give human characteristics. The lamp can therefore hinder, but also simply lie. This lamp is therefore very suitable to use in different settings. On the desk, on a side table or a bedside table, need this gentleman out!

If you still can’t find the right Christmas gift for your wife,I suggest these creative ideas from Mrszeee on what to get your wife for Christmas.



Best air fryer for your everyday tasty healthy day.

A air fryer is the best cooking appliance for your health:

Fried food is tasty and attractive to most people from children to adults, from the young to the old, from Asian to Westerner. This kind of food is really powerful since it has always been a favorite kind of food and spread all over the world whether it belongs to what type of culinary culture. However, being such popular does not mean that fried food is good for your health. On the other hand, it is even something you must avoid.

When fried, a great deal amount of fatty oil will be absorbed into the food, this leads to the increasing of caloric intake. Morever, when the food is not cooked at the right temperature, even more oil will be absorbed into it. The consumption of so much fatty oil food will surely increase the risk of being obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke and even cancer.

Foods made from a air fryer will be reduced from 70% to 80% amount of oil, yet still keeps very similar taste and smell. You can cook fried chicken or French fries with just a very little amount of oil, around only 15 milliliters! It is just a tablespoon of oil for the whole chicken to be fried thoroughly. If you cook raw meat, it may not need any amount of oil at all.  This is a very big benefit of using a it since lower oil is nothing different than upper healthy level for the healthy yourself and your family.

Although health is jewel and the only purpose you find a best air fryer is just because of having good health, there is two other good reasons to own one:

It is safer than a typical deep fryer. No more oil splatters on your arm, your neck, your face or even your eyes. No more fire accident caused by overheated oil catching fire, each and every air fryer has itself a manual temperature controlling fuction with user-friendly interface. A timer is also integrated and helps you to set respective time for each kind of food with simple button.

It must also be so “hurtful” to use so many liters of oil for cooking every month and see them having their way through the drain. Using a air fryer, you will no longer need to find the most environmental friendly way to discard used frying oil. Moreover, big bucks you are supposed to spend for oil is decreased dramatically.