2022 Michigan Governor Race Polls: ‘It won’t Let up’, GOP Primary contest turns into a chaos

  • 2022 Michigan Governor Race Polls: The GOP Primary Race turns into chaos, Ryan Kelley remains the frontrunner to be seat Democratic Gretchen Whitmer.
  • 49% of Michiganders approve of Governor Whitmer‘s performance as a Governor.
  • According to the latest polls, the Democratic incumbent is all set to retain her seat as the Governor of Michigan.
  • Google Trends: In the last 7 Days, Tudor Dixon leads the trend charts, followed by Ryan Kelley and Gretchen Whitmer.
  • On Social Media Sentiment, Ryan Kelly saw a huge spike following his FBI arrest. Negative Sentiments against Governor Whitmer have been declining.

Michigan Governor Primary 2022

The 2022 Governor Election in Michigan is set to take place on November 8th, 2022 to represent the state of Michigan. The seat is currently held by a Democrat, Gretchen Whitmer. She is running for re-election after winning the race in 2018 by 9.5 points, the best state-wide performance of any Democrat that year and significantly outrunning Clinton, who lost the state 2 years prior.

The state will be voting for the Primary election scheduled for August 2nd.

Hot in Campaign: Ryan Kelley Arrest

On June 9th, 2022, GOP front-running candidate Ryan Kelley was arrested by the FBI following a raid at his residence in Allendale. He has been charged with four misdemeanor charges related to the U.S. Capitol attack on Jan 6th. The criminal complaint alleges that Kelley knowingly entered and engaged in disorderly conduct in restricted buildings or grounds and engaged in an act of physical violence against a person or property. Following the arrest, Kelley’s campaign Facebook page posted captioning it as, “Political Prisoner.” After the release, Kelley in an interview denied the claims of any crime committed by him and claimed that the support towards his campaign has been ‘tremendous’.

2022 Michigan Governor Polls: Michigan Governor GOP Primary Polls

Polling Company Date
Average of Polls June 23rd
Garrett Soldano 9%
Tudor Dixon 5.34%
Ryan Kelley 13.67%
Kevin Rinke 11%
EPIC- MRA June 13th
Garrett Soldano 13%
Tudor Dixon 5%
Ryan Kelley 17%
Kevin Rinke 12%
Target-Insyght/MIRS May 27th
Garrett Soldano 6%
Tudor Dixon 9%
Ryan Kelley 19%
Kevin Rinke 15%
Detroit Chamber/Glengariff May 1st
Garrett Soldano 8%
Tudor Dixon 2%
Ryan Kelley 5%
Kevin Rinke 6%

2022 Michigan Governor Race Polls: Republican Candidates Google Trends

Last 7 days
Garrett Soldano 14%
Tudor Dixon 42%
Ryan Kelley 30%
Kevin Rinke 14%
Past 30 Days
Garrett Soldano 8%
Tudor Dixon 28%
Ryan Kelley 50%
Kevin Rinke 14%

2022 Michigan Governor Polls: Republican Candidates Net Sentiments

Date June 23rd, 2022
Garrett Soldano -1%
Tudor Dixon -4%
Ryan Kelley -24%
Kevin Rinke -12%

Governor Whitmer’s Job Approval

  • As an incumbent, Whitmer is secure in her primary and is not facing any viable or notable opposition.
  • In a recent survey conducted by Detroit News Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s job approval rating is a respectable 49%, with 41% disapproving. That translates into a net approval rating of positive 8%.
  • 33% of voters rated inflation as their top concern, followed by 13% saying “road or infrastructure” while around 11% focussed on the Supreme Court’s looming decision that could overturn Roe v. Wade and abortion rights
  • Amongst independent voters, Gov Whitmer’s approval ratings stood at a net 2% with 42% of the voters approving and around 40% disapproving.
New Democratic Campaign Ad: Forged
The Democratic Governors Association affiliate in Michigan released a new campaign Ad- Put Michigan First needling the entire GOP Primary field, from attacking James Craig and other GOP contenders over fraudulent signatures to mocking Ryan Kelley over FBI arrest, quoting how Governor Whitmer is “protecting free and secure elections for Michigan.”

2022 Michigan Governor Race Polls: General Election Latest Polls

Poll source Date
EPIC MRA May 11-17, 2022
Gretchen Whitmer (D) 45%
Generic Republican 46%
ARW Strategies April 18-20, 2022
Gretchen Whitmer (D) 45%
Generic Republican 46%

Gretchen Whitmer vs. Ryan Kelley

Gretchen Whitmer vs. Kevin Rinke

Gretchen Whitmer vs. Tudor Dixon

Gretchen Whitmer vs. Garrett Soldano

Michigan Governor Election 2022 Polls: General Election Google Trends

Last 7 days
Gretchen Whitmer 29%
Ryan Kelley 26%
Tudor Dixon 33%
Garrett Soldano 12%
Past 30 Days
Gretchen Whitmer 14%
Tudor Dixon 29%
Ryan Kelley 50%
Garrett Soldano 7%

2022 Michigan Governor Race Polls: Social Media Sentiment

Date June 23rd, 2022
Gretchen Whitmer -13%
Tudor Dixon -4%
Ryan Kelley -24%
Garrett Soldano -1%

2022 Michigan Governor Race: Latest News

Michigan Governor Election 2022 Polls: Latest Videos

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Michigan Governor Race 2022 Polls: Latest Tweets

Who is running for Michigan governor in 2022?

Gretchen Whitmer has all but secured the Democratic primary but the GOP field remains crowded and uncertain. Here are the candidates running in the primary

Republican Primary

  • Tudor Dixon, a conservative media personality
  • Ryan D. Kelley, Allendale Township Planning commissioner
  • Garrett Soldano, Chiropractor, businessman, and former co-chairman of Unlock Michigan
  • Kevin Rinke, Businessman
  • Ralph Rebandt, Farmington Hills pastor

James Craig, Former Detroit Police Chief has decided to run as a write-in for Michigan governor after his exclusion from the ballot following concerns over fraudulent signatures.

2022 Michigan Governor Race Polls: Candidate Endorsements

1. Gretchen Whitmer (D)

  • 314 Action
  • American Federation of Teachers
  • EMILY’s List
  • Giffords
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Jewish Democratic Council of America
  • United Auto Workers

2. Tudor Dixon (R)

  • American Conservative Union
  • Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan
  • Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee
  • Michigan Chamber of Commerce
  • Bill Huizenga, U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 2nd congressional district (2011–present)
  • Lisa McClain, U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 10th congressional district (2021–present)
  • Mike Shirkey, Majority Leader of the Michigan Senate (2019–present)

3. Ryan Kelley (R)

  • Rachel Atwood, Precinct Delegate
  • Candace Rock, Medical Freedom Advocate
  • Debra Ell, National Trump Delegate 2016
  • Captain Seth Keshel, Former Army Captain

2022 Michigan Governor Race Polls: Demographics

As per the latest 2020 Census Figures, the demographics of the state are as follows:

Demographics Proportion
White American 74.9%
Black American 14%
Hispanic American 4.7%
Asian American 3.8%
Native American 2.25%
Others 0.1%

White votes remain a large majority and it’s the same case in both parties’ primaries. Black voters remain a crucial voting bloc for Democrats and they need to ensure Detroit is high, although the city has been hemorrhaging population for decades.

Oakland and Washtenaw County are especially important for Democrats, the latter is home to Ann Arbor and netted the party over 100,000 votes in the 2020 presidential election Meanwhile Grand Rapids and its metro area have been a bright spot for Democrats.

Biden won Grand Rapid’s county of Kent by the largest margin of any Democrat nominee since 1964 when Lyndon B. Johnson won a landslide. Republicans tend to do best in rural areas, white working-class counties in Macomb as well as the “thumb” area in the south-east of the state.

2022 Michigan Governor Race Polls: Whitmer ahead of GOP rivals but long gruelling race ahead

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