3 Cryptocurrencies Ready to Explode In 2022: Mushe Token (XMU), Algorland (ALGO), and Ethereum Classic (ETC)

3 Cryptocurrencies Ready to Explode In 2022: Mushe Token (XMU), Algorland (ALGO), and Ethereum Classic (ETC). This is a sponsored advertising post. Nothing in this content should be construed as advice, it is meant for informational purposes only.

The recent recession in the cryptocurrency market deterred many investors. Seen in its entirety, it appears cryptocurrency is not having a particularly productive year, especially considering the recent crypto crash that created a sense of disbelief among many investors.

Many investors recently lost their life-long investments in Terra (LUNA), and now almost all of the top 10 cryptocurrencies dropped their market value by up to 35%. Understandable concerns for the future of and stability of crypto have been raised. It would be a wise idea to shift your investment priorities towards newer cryptocurrencies. Three we will discuss below are Mushe Token (XMU), Algorand (ALGO), and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

3 Cryptocurrencies Ready to Explode

3 Cryptocurrencies Ready to Explode: Algorand (ALGO)

The Algorand (ALGO) blockchain is a pure Proof of Stake (PPoS) protocol based on the distributed Byzantine consensus. In such networks, users can reach consensus and validate transactions based on their Algorand (ALGO) holdings.

The essence of building an ALGO blockchain is to solve the problem of slow transaction time in Bitcoin (BTC) and other blockchains, thereby improving efficiency and providing a better user experience. In addition, high transaction fees have seen a reduction associated with some other blockchains while blocking energy-intensive mining.

There is high demand for these coins, the current price is $ 0.3074. A very worthy investment. With a market capitalization of more than $2 billion, it is currently ranked among the top 30 cryptocurrencies globally.

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Originally developed by Vitalik Buterin and his colleagues, Ethereum Classic (ETC) allows developers to create new crypto tokens and decentralized applications (dApps) to run on the new Ethereum blockchain network. With the help of smart contracts included in the distributed ledger, it allows users to host and trade dApps while providing a blockchain network with decentralized governance.

Like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC) uses a Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism to validate transactions. Miners are responsible for managing network security, processing transactions, and generating blocks using time and computational power. Transactions on a network will occur respective of their execution order. Miners do this by solving difficult puzzles and creating blocks. Part of a process to protect your network from malicious intent.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a historic coin with a controversial background. It is still in use today, with over a billion transactions per day, but remains a speculative option for investors, overshadowed by the more mainstream Ethereum (ETH) forks. Nevertheless, it is a full-fledged cryptocurrency that has met and passed many hurdles. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is one of the oldest blockchains that can use smart contracts. The focus on the community’s commitment to immutability makes it easy to understand why it’s a popular platform among blockchain enthusiasts.

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Mushe Token (XMU)

Mushe Token (XMU) leverages the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain to build solutions. However, plans to move to the Stellar (XLM) network are underway. The ecosystem aims to contribute to the accessibility of blockchain, promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies, and, at the same time, entice and reward users with the native Mushe Token (XMU). XMU is used for transactions specifically within the Mushe ecosystem. Mushe Wallet allows users to trade a variety of crypto assets and fiat currencies.

Unlike other meme coins, Mushe Token (XMU) also possesses some prominent usability features. These captured the undivided attention of many investors. Currently, Mushe Token (XMU) is in its presale stage and will officially launch on July 4, 2022. The estimated price of Mushe Token (XMU) is to be $0.005, with limited supply. In simple terms, as the cryptocurrency becomes more popular, its price rises significantly. 

The cryptocurrencies mentioned above have powerful utilities supporting them. These are some of the most critical indicators to look out for in a cryptocurrency when investing. Mushe Token (XMU) can be considered the best investment of all the stated cryptocurrencies because of the infant stage it finds itself in.

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