AGRX Stock Forecast: Why is it rising?

AGRX Stock Forecast: No news from the company, why is it rising?

AGRX Stock Forecast: The stock is expected to trade between $0.8 and $1.4. The overall recommendation is Hold.

AGRX Stock Forecast: Latest Price

AGRX Stock Forecast: Performance Chart

Stock Name 5 Days 1 Month 6 Months 1 Year
AGRX 6.7% -9.3% -93.7% -97.7%

AGRX Stock Forecast: Latest Tweet

AGRX Stock Forecast: Today’s Outlook

Indicator Trend
Overall Outlook Positive
Market Data 
Market Cap Higher
Technical Buy
Trading Volume Higher
Crowd’s Wisdom 
Google Search Volume Higher
Social Media Sentiment Neutral

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AGRX Stock: Agrx stock Buy or Sell?

Agile therapeutics have recently been in the news since a lot of conversation has been sparked around women’s health. The stock price is surging but, does that make it a buy? The short answer is “No.” Prices rising as a result of macro-environmental factors can turn out to be short-lived. For the year 2022, its price target is $60. Zacks has given it a rank of “3” which means “hold” i.e. it is quite similar to its competitors like ASMB and ACST. Its earnings yield is -1286% which cannot be compared with the industry average of -36.4%. There is no word from the company yet.

Growing trends may suggest a future hence, “holding” it is the wisest. It is important to note that the stock is performing well right now under the hype but, might fall back soon after being oversold due to lower volume.

AGRX Stock : Latest Video

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AGRX Stock Forecast: Why is it rising?

Following the supreme court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, AGRX stock saw a surge. This is because investors expect a rise in demand for contraceptives. Abortion is going to become illegal in many states following this decision and it is expected that more attention will be paid to contraceptives.

Investors have begun to care about social justice issues and stands taken by various companies – People have started to buy AGRX in light of recent events. AGRX has always been positioned as a strong company for women’s reproductive hence, the surge. It might go down again after the dust settles or it might become oversold quickly due to less volume of these shares. However, there is no major news/ announcements from the company itself. It is being traded solely from the investors’ perspective.

AGRX Stock Forecast: Google Trends

AGRX Stock Forecast: Technical Analysis

AGRX Stock Forecast

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