AMTD Digital Stock Forecast: AMTD Gains Momentum, Outlook Turns Positive

AMTD DIGITAL Stock Forecast: Current outlook is Positive. The stock is a Buy.

AMTD DIGITAL Stock Forecast: Price today

Market cap
$35 Billion
1.5 Million
1-year target estimation

AMTD Digital made to the news last month when the stock price saw a sudden increase of 32000% since its IPO listing in July which is priced at $7.80.

At one point, this company’s value on paper was around $400billion which was more than top financial companies such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. This stock was also considered a meme stock similar to the GameStop stock last year.

AMTD DIGITAL Stock Forecast: Recent video

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In the past few months, the stock saw an intraday high of $2555.

The highest closing price reported is $1679 since its IPO, but later it fell by more than 90%.

AMTD DIGITAL Stock Forecast: Performance chart

Stock name

5 days

1 month










Recently, the stock made the news once again with its price soaring by 311.8% from $46 on 13th September to $189.42 on September 14th. The stock was halted 11 times due to its high volatility.

There were at least 8 such companies from Hong Kong this year, which saw a mysterious rise in prices after listing in the US.

AMTD Digital Stock Price Prediction: Short Term Outlook

Overall Partially Positive
1. Market’s Wisdom Positive
1a. Market Data Higher
Volume Higher
Performance vs NASDAQ (Last 5 days) Higher
1b. Technical Buy
2. Crowd’s Wisdom Neutral
2aGoogle Search Lower
2b. Social Media Sentiment Higher

AMTD DIGITAL Stock Forecast: Google Search

The search volume for AMTD is lower for the day.

AMTD DIGITAL Forecast: Latest news

Change in leadership: Recently, The Company has appointed two new independent directors Dr. Feridun Hamdullahpur and Ms. Joanne Shoveller, to power up the board of directors team. Currently, the company has six directors, and most of them are independent.

Injection of AMTD Assets group: The Parent organization of AMTD Digital that is AMTD IDEA announced that the “AMTD assets group” (one of the subsidiary companies of AMTD Group) will be injected into AMTD Digital company. AMTD Assets group holds a global portfolio of premium whole building properties, with a fair market value of approximately US$500 million. The company’s net asset position is expected to increase by $268million through this injection.

AMTD DIGITAL Forecast: Recent tweet

$HKD is just a pump. This stock had the biggest spike I have ever seen in my 9 years of trading last month and now it is starting to run again. The reason why is because it broke its 13ema RES line. Do I think we will see another pop today? YES, do I think it will hold? NO.


Its profit for 2022 is $25 million. The Company reported solid performance to deliver a 17% increase in net profit after tax from last year and maintained a strong balance sheet position with US$396m in net assets and a zero-debt position.

Total operating expenses are $5.5 million and operating income is at $10.4 million, down 35.4% y-y. Its EBITDA is at $11.2 million, down 34% y-y. Their diluted earnings per share is $3.17 up 5.6% y-y.


The company’s outlook at present is buy and the stock price is up 311%, but this cannot be said for the long term due to its high volatility. The company has not been performing well in the past month and suddenly skyrocketed. So, before investing one has to be mindful of the high volatility.

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AMTD DIGITAL Stock Forecast: Current outlook is Positive. The stock is a Buy.

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