An idea about events that might add some fun to the game

A while back, I had an idea for what I thought might be a fun event. I called it, A Day at The Park.

It takes place at Camden Park. Brenda needs help restoring the Roller Coaster. You need to gather materials, while at the same time, fighting off waves of creatures. When you finish repairing the roller coaster, a mini boss appears with spawns, and you need to defend the coaster from the boss destroying it.

Once the event is complete, you get the rewards. But the roller coaster stays repaired for a while, like maybe an hour or so. Anyone that comes to Camden Park, can ride the coaster, and doing so, gets a buff for an hour. Maybe it's random, maybe it's not.

Rewards could include things like a tshirt and jeans outfit, I survived the Widow Maker! Or a Mr. Fuzzy shirt. Or a rare outfit of a clean Mr Fuzzy mascot. Or maybe some camp posters like they have around Camden Park. Maybe a rare food recipe to make your own hot dogs (mad with real mongrel!) Maybe it's a way to put in a mod for the paddle ball weapon?

And then I thought, maybe they could do something like this with other events, like One Violent Night? Maybe add a robot vendor. After you complete the event, for a short time, you can get some unique booze items that give a new kind of buff to it.

A few other events could be upgraded like this. Guided Mediation. After the event, you can go and meditate and get a short term buff.

And it wouldn't interfere with any quests, like the dailies at Camden Park. Any quest or daily would still be doable at these locations.

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