Arculus Wallet Review

Arculus Wallet Review

Arculus Wallet is a Cold Storage Wallet solution for storing Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Here is a short review of the Arculus Wallet.

Key Features of the Arculus Wallet

  • There are 2 major components of the Arculus Wallet (Read Whitepaper here)
    • Arculus Wallet App available both on the Playstore and ios
    • A Physical Metal ‘Key Card’ to secure and generate private keys. This looks almost like a credit card
    • The Wallet App and the Key card enable the Wallet to operate with a 3-level authentication system that includes biometric authentication, a pin code, and using the Key Card via NFC to complete the authentication process. Split Knowledge architecture has been used to develop a highly secure wallet.
  • The Arculus Card is available for $99 (Including shipping) while the App is available for free. Blockchain transfer fees (which are not paid to Arculus) will depend on Cryptocurrency and the speed of the transaction. Buy and Swap fees are to be paid to Arculus partners
  • About 40 major cryptocurrencies are supported (Stored/Send/Receive) on the Arculus Wallet.
  • Interoperability with DeFi and EVM compatible chains through WalletConnect
  • USD Supported

Arculus Wallet Review: Ratings

Google Playstore 3.4/5
Appstore 3.9/5

Arculus Wallet Review: Top Comments from Users [Last 3 Months]


  • The clean and simple look of the App
  • 3 Factor Authentication
  • Customer service responsiveness


  • Cryptocurrencies supported are limited
  • Lack of export option in CSV for Transactions (For tax purposes)
  • Face ID is prompted only if the app is completely closed
  • Storing the 12-word security code

Arculus vs Ledger Nano X Wallet, Which is better?

  • Price – Arculus
  • Security 2FA vs 3FA – Arculus
  • Ease of Usage/ Interface – Tie
  • Number of Cryptos supported – Ledger
  • Number of Fiat Currencies Supported – Ledger

Arculus Wallet Review: Social Media Sentiment

Net Social Media Sentiment
Arculus +7.5%
Trust +6.8%
Metamask +4.3%
Coinbase +15.2%
Ledger +11.7%
Google Search Share

Is Arculus Wallet’s popularity rising?

Last 12 Months Share Last 30 days Share
Arculus 1.9% 2.1%
Trust 16.7% 18.5%
Metamask 51.3% 46.6%
Coinbase 25.7% 26.7%
Ledger 4.5% 6.2%
Google Search Share

Arculus Wallet Review:- Related Video

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Arculus Wallet Review

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