Atletico Madrid vs Villarreal Prediction: Statistical Analysis

Atletico Madrid vs Villarreal Prediction: Statistical Analysis

Atletico Madrid vs Villarreal Prediction: Key Stats For Prediction

When is Atlético Madrid Likely to score? Atlético Madrid has Scored Equal goals in both the half. However, it Might Score in Second half, seeing the intensity of Clash and Villarreal slight Incompetency in the second half.

When is Villarreal Likely to score? Villarreal has scored more than 65% goals in second half and the probability of them Scoring in Second half increases with both sides playing attacking game.

Who is more Likely to Score for Atletico Madrid? Alvaro morata poses threat on indirect Set pieces and has more than 60% Shots on target with 1.2 goals per match in the Last Five matches. Remains Likely to score.

Who is more likely to Score for Villarreal ? Moreno has scored 4 goals in the Last Five Matches and has most probability among Villa players to score

Crowdwisdom360 Score Prediction: Atletico Madrid: 2 Villarreal: 1

*All statistical analyses are based on recent performances. Player performance may not necessarily replicate the recent performances.

Atlético Madrid and Villarreal will face off at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid, Spain, on August 21, 2022, at 17:30 UTC. Both teams had a Flying Start to their La Liga Campaign as they brushed aside their opponents on Matchday 1.

Morata’s return to Atlético Madrid saw him scoring a Brace as Madrid defeated Getafe 3-0. Whereas, Villarreal made Short Work of Valladolid on their to trip North-west.

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Atlético Madrid vs Villarreal Prediction: Goal Scoring and Conceding Patterns (Last 5 Matches)

Atlético Madrid:

Time Frame Goals Scored Goals Conceded
First 15 minutes 4
16 to 30 minutes
31 to 45 minutes 4
46 to 60 minutes 5
61 to 75 minutes 1
76 to 90 minutes 2 1
First Half 8
Second Half 8 1
Total 16 1


Time Frame Goals Scored Goals Conceded
First 15 minutes 1
16 to 30 minutes 1
31 to 45 minutes 3 2
46 to 60 minutes 3
61 to 75 minutes 1 3
76 to 90 minutes 3 1
First Half 5 2
Second Half 7 4
Total 12 6

Atletico Madrid vs Villarreal Prediction: Team Stats

Stats Atlético Madrid Villlarreal
Goals per game 1.72 1.7
Goals conceded per game 1.13 0.97
Clean Sheets % 32% 36%
Ball Possession % 52% 45%

Key Highlights and Analysis:

  • Atlético Madrid was better than a Typical La liga Side. Los Roji blancos conceded 0.10 goals less goals.
  • Going Forward, they were Lethal and Put their opposition on the back foot as they scored 0.50 goals more than average of La Liga
  • Villarreal matched Atlético Madrid Last season and even surpassed them. Conceding 0.16 goals less than them.
  • Villarreal Scored as many goals as Atlético Madrid last season.

Atlético Madrid vs Villarreal: Attack Analysis

Average Shots on goal Goals per match
Atlético Madrid
Alvaro Morata 2.4 0.45
Jaao Fellix 2.1 0.32
Danjuma 2.4 0.34
Moreno 2.2 0.48
  • La Liga returnee Alvaro Morata will Lead the Atlético Madrid’s Attack. The forward scored goal every second Match last year and has scored brace in First Match, and has shown bright Form in the last Five Matches which includes preseason as well. He has scored 6 goals in the last five matches at 1.2 goal per match.
  • Gerrard Moreno remains key to this match. Moreno, Starred for Villa in the Later part of La liga Scoring 0.48 goals per match.

Atletico Madrid vs Villarreal Prediction: Defense Analysis

Blocks Clearances per Match Air Duel Success
Atletico Madrid
Stefan Savic 0.8 2.9 70%
Reinildo 1 3 74%
Pau Torres 0.8 2.5 68%
Raul albiol 0.7 2 71%
  • Stefan Savic and Reinildo will form a line of Defence for Atlético Madrid, Both players have been Consistent and have 80% Clean sheets including Preseason and Matchday 1. Both can pose a threat on set pieces, as they tend to win 72% of Air duels combined.
  • Pau Torres and Raul Albiol are two of the most Important Players for Villarreal. Both have 65% clean sheets, including Preseason and Matchday 1. Both players are Superb at intercepting the ball, together makes 2.5 Interception per match.

Atletico Madrid vs Villarreal Prediction: Goalkeeper Stats

oblak (Atletico Madrid) Rulli (Villarreal)
Goals Conceded (per Game) 1.1 0.97
Clean Sheet 31% 38%
Save Percent 60.6 72.8

Atletico Madrid vs Villarreal Prediction: Head-to-Head Analysis

Atletico Madrid has played 31 games with Villarreal. Atletico Madrid has won 11 games, While Villarreal have Won 13 games and 7 have ended up in a Draw.

Analysis of the Last Five Games:

Atletico Madrid Villarreal
Goals Scored per Match 1.8 1
Goals Conceded per Match 1 1
Clean Sheets 2 1
Highest Goal Scorer Suarez danjuma

Key Highlights:

  • This fixture has seen Close to 2.8 goals per match in the last 5 games. Atlético Madrid has not lost any Single game against Villarreal in the Last Five matches.
  • If we talk about last Five home games for Atlético Madrid against Villarreal. Madrid have Scored 8 goals against Villarreal and conceded only three goals.

Atletico Madrid vs Villarreal Prediction: Odds

The FcTables website known for giving out accurate predictions has given a 51% chance to the hosts, whereas Villarreal are way behind at 22%. In terms of odds, Atlético has odds of 1.95 with Villa having Odds at 4.50

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