Can Kelly Tshibaka win the GOP Primary Race?

Alaska Senate Race Polls: As per the latest polls, Lisa Murkowski is ahead of Kelly Tshibaka.

Google Trends: Lisa Murkowski’s Google search volume is higher than Kelly Tshibaka’s.

Net Sentiment: Lisa Murkowski Fared Very Well on Social Media Sentiments of last Seven Days.

June 29

Alaska has been a happy hunting ground for Republicans as they have won the state twelve times in a row. Donald Trump won the state by 10 points in 2020, the smallest margin since 1992. In 2016, Donald Trump was ahead of Hilary Clinton by 14.7% in Alaska.

The Alaska General election will be held on November 8th,2022 to elect a representative of Alaska State. The Incumbent Lisa  Murkowski, Republican and a three-time  Senator from Alaska, will be seeking a fourth term. But before the state votes for electing their Senator, both Republican and Democratic party’s candidates will be facing each other in the primary election on August 16, 2022.

The GOP field is slightly crowded as six candidates are in the fray for the August 16th Primary race. The GOP Primary race is expected to have a close finish as former President Donald Trump has endorsed Kelly Tshibaka who is running against the incumbent Lisa Murkowski. Lisa Murkowski has been endorsed by George W Bush.

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Alaska Senate Race Polls: Lisa Murkowski polls

The latest polls for the upcoming Alaska Senate Race have favored the incumbent senator Lisa Murkowski over the Trump-endorsed candidate Kelly Tshibaka. However, the lead of Lisa over Kelly is not a big one. In the poll released in March 2022, she was ahead of Kelly by just 2% but in the latest poll, she leads by 10%.

Alaska Senate Election Polls: Google Trends

Google Trends has turned out to be one of the efficient tools for forecasting an election. The latest trends are highly in the favor of Lisa Murkowski. Kelly Tshibaka needs to put in some extra effort to defeat the four-time senator, Lisa Murkowski.

Date June 28th
Lisa Murkowski 84%
Kelly Tshibaka 16%
Date June 21st
Lisa Murkowski 66%
Kelly Tshibaka 33%
Date June 20th
Lisa Murkowski 66%
Kelly Tshibaka 33%

Alaska Senate Race Polls: Net Sentiment

The net sentiment of Lisa Murkowski is not much impressive. In comparison, Kelly Tshibaka has a very positive net sentiment.

Date June 28th
Lisa Murkowski +21.6%
Kelly Tshibaka -27.3%
Date June 21st
Lisa Murkowski -16%
Kelly Tshibaka -22%
Date June 20th
Lisa Murkowski -6%
Kelly Tshibaka -24%

Alaska Senate Polls: Latest Campaign Tweets

Alaska Senate Race Polls: Latest Campaign Videos

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Alaska Senate Election Polls: Latest News

Alaska Senate Race Polls: Republican Candidates

  • Lisa Murkowski: Incumbent Senator
  • Kelly Tshibaka: Former commissioner of the Alaska Department of administration
  • Karl Speights: retired air force officer.
  • Sam little: Former national guard veteran
  • John Schiess
  • Kendall L. Shorkey

Alaska Senate Race Polls: Democratic Party Candidates

  • Patricia Chesbro: Teacher
  • Edgar Blachford: Professsor
  • Ivan Taylor

Alaska Senate Race 2022 polls: Frequently Asked Questions

How many senators represent the state?

  • As per the constitution, there are two senators from each state. The senator must be at least thirty years of age and must be a citizen of the US for nine years. After getting elected the senator should be a citizen of Alaska.

Is Alaska red or blue?

  • Mostly Alaska gives more support to Republicans in presidential elections. Republicans have managed to win every state election except in 1964.

Alaska Senate Race 2022 polls: Demographics

As per the latest 2020 census figures, the Demographic composition of Alaska State stands as:

Race and Ethnicity Demographic Composition
White Alone 61.6%
Black Alone 12.4%
Hispanic 18.7%
Asian Alone 6%
American Indian and Native 1.1%
Other Race 8.6%

The Population of Alaska has increased by 7.4% since the last election and the diversity of the state has increased by 6 percent due to the rapid growth in the black population.  The black population has increased by 37.1% since 2010.

Alaska Senate Race Polls: How did the state vote in the Last Presidential Election?

Donald Trump despite failing in his re-election performed excellently in Alaska. Trump carried Alaska as he won the state by securing 189,951 votes which is 52.83% of the total votes. He defeated Biden by 10%.

Biden did win Anchorage, the state’s largest city, making him the first Democrat to do so since Johnson. But Trump did fairly well in Kanai Peninsula and the Matanuska-Susitna Borough where he secured mammoth 70% votes offsetting Anchorage’s loss.

Republicans have won the last fourteen -presidential elections in Alaska.

Alaska Senate Race Polls

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