Colorado Governor Election 2022 Polls: Jared Polis has an edge over Heidi Ganahl

Colorado Governor Election 2022 Polls: As per the latest polls Jared Polis is miles ahead of Heidi Ganahl

Google Trends: The Search volume of Ganahl is higher compared to Polis

Social Media Sentiments: Net Sentiments of Ganahl is better than Polis

June 29th

The general election will be held on November 8th, 2022. The current incumbent is Jared Polis, a Democrat, who has been the Governor of Colorado since 2019. He became the first openly gay governor after he won by a little under 11 points against Walker Stapleton. It was the fourth straight victory for the Democratic nominee and Polis looks certain to make it five this November as Colorado has trended rapidly to the left.

The Colorado Governor Primary election is scheduled for June 28th. Jared Polis will be the Democratic Party’s representative as there is no challenger against him in the upcoming Primary election. On the Republican side, two candidates have been cleared after the convention and will be against each other in the June 28th Primary election.

Colorado Governor Race 2022 Polls: Latest Polls

Colorado Governor Race 2022 Polls: General Election Google Search Update

Date 29th June
Jared Polis 25%
Heidi Ganahl 75%

Colorado Governor Race 2022 Polls: Social Media Sentiment

Date 29th June
Jared Polis -16%
Heidi Ganahl -3%

Colorado Governor Election 2022 Polls: Latest News

Colorado Governor Election 2022 Polls:

Colorado Governor Election 2022 Polls: Latest Video

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Colorado Governor Election 2022 Polls: Democratic Party Candidate in the Primaries

  • Jared Polis, incumbent Governor (2019–present)

Colorado Governor Election 2022 Polls: Republican Candidates in the Primaries

  • Heidi Ganahl, member of the Regents of the University of Colorado (2017–present)
  • Greg Lopez, former mayor of Parker (1992–1996), candidate for governor in 2018

Colorado Governor Election 2022 Polls: Frequently asked questions

How many terms can a governor serve?

  • The governor can hold office for four years and can contest reelection. The governor is not allowed to serve for more than 8 years in the twelve-year period.

Who is the current Colorado Governor?

  • The present governor of Colorado is Jared Polis he is a politician and businessman and has also served as the 43rd governor of Colorado since January 2019. In 2001 and 2007 he served one term on the Colorado state board of education and five terma United States representative from the 2nd congressional district.

Colorado Governor Election 2022 Polls: Racial Demographics of the Voting Age Population (VAP)

Demographic Proportion
White-American 68.9%
Hispanic-American 19.1%
African-American 4.8%
Asian-American 4.6%
Native-American 3.4%

The data is from the 2020 census. It shows an increasingly diversifying state with a booming Hispanic population, mimicking other Western states that are rapidly gaining population. The Hispanic population in the state is extremely diverse.

The urban Latinos, especially in the north of the state around Denver are solidly Democratic. The ones in the south of the state are not solely south American immigrants but rather Spanish ethnics who have lived in the state for a longer time. Thus they are a swing group and the working-class ethnics have swung to the GOP party, especially in places like Pueblo.

Their swing has been masked by the large swings in the white college-educated population in Denver and its suburbs which has powered its staggering leftward shift from a swing state to a state Biden won by 13. Boulder, one of the most educated counties in the state exemplifies this,

Biden won over 75% of the vote here. Even the once Bastian of the GOP, Colorado Springs is swinging to the left. It used to be one of the most conservative urban areas in the country but GOP is starting to lose its iron grip on it.

Touristy areas like winter resorts in Aspen have also swung left. This has made winning the state extremely hard – its nationwide approach of running large margins with non-college whites doesn’t work here, the state simply lacks enough of them for the party to be viable.

Colorado Governor Election 2022 Polls: Major Counties Breakup in Last Election

1- El Paso County: Major City- Colorado Springs

Republican Party Democratic Party
56.1% 39.5%

2- Arapahoe County and Adams County: Major City- Denver

Average of two County:

Republican Party Democratic Party
39.8% 54%

3- Larimer County: Major City-Fort Collins

Republican Party Democratic Party
41.8% 54.8%

4- Pueblo County: Major City- Pueblo

Republican Party Democratic Party
44.5% 50.7%

Crowd wisdom Analytics: The majority of Colorado’s population resides in Big Metropolitan Cities. Democrats were able to Win Big in These Densely Populated Cities and Counties in the Last Gubernatorial Election. These Areas Remains Key to the Upcoming Mid-Term Elections.

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