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When is Crystal Palace Most Likely to Score: At 0.50 goals per game, Crystal Palace is the team that scores most of its goals in the second half. They score a goal in every other Match in the Second Half.

When is Aston Villa Most Likely to Score: Villa’s Scoring Pattern is Pretty Uniform in both the half. However, they are Pretty Dominant in the Last 15 Minutes of the First Half and First 15 Minutes of the second half.

Who is Likely to Score for Crystal Palace: Wilfried Zaha is on Song this Season and in the absence of Edouard he remains most Likely to score for the Eagles.

Who is Likely to Score for Aston Villa: Danny Ings and Callum Watkins are the Most Probable to score for Villa. However, it is Difficult to Predict, Knowing Coutinho scores his 50% of goals from Long Distance

Crowdwisdom360 Predicted Scoreline: Crystal Palace: 2 Aston Villa:1

*All statistical analyses are based on recent performances. Player performance may not necessarily replicate the recent performances.

On Matchday 3, Crystal Palace will host Aston Villa at Selhurst Park. Both Teams are coming off a Decent Matchday 2. The Eagles secured a vital point against the Reds with a 1-1 draw. While Aston Villa proved too hot for the Toffees at Villa Park.

Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa Prediction: Goal Scoring and Conceding Pattern (Last 10 Games)

Crystal Palace (Last 10 PL games)

Goals Scored Goals Conceded
First 15 minutes 3
16 to 30 minutes 1 3
31 to 45 minutes 3
46 to 60 minutes 1 1
61 to 75 minutes 1 1
76 to 90 minutes 3 2
First Half 4 7
Second Half 5 3
Total 9 10
  • Crystal Palace Scores the Most Goals in the Second half at 0.50 goals per match. Every second Match, Crystal Palace Scores Goals in the Second Half.
  • To be Particular, Eagles Scored More than 50% of Goals between 25-55 Minutes.
  • Crystal Palace Defensive Play has been poor in the First Thirty Minutes.

Aston Villa (Last 10 PL games)

Goals Scored Goals Conceded
First 15 minutes 2 3
16 to 30 minutes
31 to 45 minutes 4 1
46 to 60 minutes 2 1
61 to 75 minutes 2 3
76 to 90 minutes 2 6
First Half 6 4
Second Half 6 10
Total 12 14
  • Villa has scored Last 15 Minutes of First Half and Starting 15 Minutes of Second Half. They have 2 out of their Every 3 goals in this phase.
  • Villa Fails to Defend in the Last 30 Minutes of the Match. They Concede Close to a goal Per Match i this phase.

Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa Prediction: Team Stats Analysis

Crystal Palace Aston Villa
Goals per game 1.32 1.37
Goals conceded per game 1.21 1.42
Clean Sheets % 31% 28%
Ball Possession % 47% 49%
Yellow Cards Avg 1.76 2.07
Red Cards Avg 0.02 0.07

Key Stats AnalysisBy the Numbers

Crystal Palace:

  • Defensively, Crystal Palace has performed better than Avg of EPL. Eagles Have Conceded .23 Goals Less than any Avg EPL Side. They Save 1 Goal in Every 5 matches.
  • Talking about Build-up to goal too, Palace has outnumbered EPL Average, Their Pass Percentage in Opposition half is 52%.
  • Crystal Palace has Shown Slight Weakness on Shooting accuracy, Where Apart from Wilfried Zaha, the Team Struggles on Shot on Targets.

Aston Villa:

  • Defensively, Aston Villa are broadly align with an average EPL side, but Showing Slight Weakness on Saves. Saves Percentage are below Par at 65.8% Whilst Avg of EPL is 4 % More than it.
  • Aston Villa does not offer anything Extra on Build-ups. Stats are more or so Similar to Avg of EPL.
  • Aston Villa Scores 0.23 more goals than Crystal Palace per Match and also performs better on Shooting accuracy than Avg of EPL.

Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa Prediction: Attack Analysis

Avg Shots on Goals Goals Per Match
Crystal Palace
Edouard 2.30 0.35
Wilfried Zaha 2.25 0.40
Mateta 2.90 0.20
Aston Villa
Danny Ings 2.34 0.40
Leon Bailey 2.50 0.36
Ollie Watkins 2.37 0.30

*These stats are based on Player Performance based on 2021/2022 Premier League Stats

Wilfried Zaha has proved himself to be a Main Man for the Eagles this Season. The Frenchman has Scored 0.8 goals per Match this Preseason and Matchday 1 and 2. Edouard can be a threat upfront, showed glimpses of his ability Last season, where he scored 6 goals.

Ollie Watkins and Danny Ings are a threat upfront. The duo Combines to score 0.76 goals in a match and are Probable Contenders to score for the Villa.

Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa Prediction: Defense Analysis

Blocks Clearances Per Match Air Duel Success
Crystal Palace
Ward 1.5 4 83%
Andersen 0.8 3 71%
Guehi 1 2.3 65%
Aston Villa
Matty Cash 0.5 1.4 68%
Tyrone Mings 0.78 2 80%
Digne 0.5 1.8 75%
  • Ward, Andersen and Guehi is one of the best Defensive Trio in EPL. Combined Clearances Per Match is 9.3 and 3.3 Blocks. Highly attacking Side Liverpool Struggled to score more than one goal against them.
  • Matty cash, Tyrone Mings and Digne has been average this Season. Combined Clearances per match stood at 5.2. However, they have impressed on aerial duels.

Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa Prediction: Goalkeeper Stats (2021/2022)

Guaita (Crystal Palace) Martinez (Aston Villa)
Goals Conceded (per Game) 1.17 1.42
Clean Sheet % 35% 28%
Save Percent 65.6% 66.4%

Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa Prediction: Recent Form

Crystal palace has been hot and Cold in the Last two matches. The eagles were out of sorts against Rejuvenated arsenal this Season. Arsenal were able to break their defence on Counter attacks. Eagles bounced back against Liverpool at Anfield, where they ended up getting a point in a difficult game against the reds.

Aston Villa on the other side were Poor in their opening game against Bournemouth, where they failed to score after conceding an Early goal. However, Villa humbled Everton at their home Fixture When Danny Ings gave Villa an Early Lead.

Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa Prediction: Odds

The FcTables website known for giving out accurate predictions has given a 38% chance to Crystal Palace, whereas Villa are a step behind at 32%. In terms of odds, Betmakers are offering Crystal Palace at 2.62 and Aston Villa at 3.05.

oddspedia Fctables
Crystal Palace 2.62 2.55
Aston Villa 3.05 3.05
Draw 3.48 3.30

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Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa Prediction: Predicted Winner

This Match is too Close to Call, with both Sides are Equally Capable of beating Each other. Aston Villa Attack is better than Crystal Palace but have a weakness in their Defensive game with two of their Main defenders looking out of sorts.

Crystal Palace on the other hand must be high on Confidence after their defense put together a strong show against Liverpool. Crystal Palace must be awaiting Villa Challenge, against whom they have a good record. Crystal Palace can land a knockout Punch against Villa. We are going for Eagle’s Victory.

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