Debug menu questions

  1. In "Debug Tools" menu, I seem to be missing some items (Physics Active, for example).

How do I get the missing items from the Debug Tools menu, back?

  1. The "Level Tools" option isn't showing at the top. This is the one I'm really after and it's not there lol. I've read that you now need to edit the windows.xml file in the XUi folder, removing (visible="{is_prefab_editor}") from the line defining the levelTools window. Making this change did nothing lol

How do I enable the Level Tools window? I can only select things above the terrain, which is fine if I want to change anything above that point. I want to change the terrain level itself, but can't select that area with Shift-Z.

The only mod I'm running is one that gives more skill points per level. Other than that, it's straight-up Vanilla.

I'll add (in case it makes a difference), that this is on a (self-hosted) dedicated server. I'm wondering if I also need to make any edits to the server's xml files, but at this point my brain is frazzled from trying to figure this out.

Much obliged if someone can point this old guy in the right direction!

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