Defending Your Life a surprising film I found from Albert Brooks

Came upon this film on HBO Max and what a surprising somewhat timeless comedy. Using existentialism and a funny premise that to this day is worth, mining Albert Brooks wrote, directed and starred in a dark comedy for the time presented as a lighthearted rom com. Albert Brooks plays a marketing exec who after a promotion dies in a freak car accident thrown into a highly developed human like limbo he's put on trial for what he finds out is the 20th time through this spiritual law system. He must defend his life and his choices in it if he hopes too… well that's the thing. He loses he just gets reincarnated again. He wins he… has a job for all eternity but of course he meets an amazing woman played by Meryl Streep giving him a reason to well… die.

The movie is full of gutbusting neurotic comedy from a very seasoned and established comedian and filmmaker. Even with the dated aesthetics. And a fine for the time but groan inducing racist joke. The film comes off as a touching smart esoteric look at what we do and why it matters in life. A really fun lazy Sunday or even late night movie. Posting because I think it needs more attention especially from Good Place fans like myself(Michael Schur admitted it was an obvious influence for that show).

A small spoiler but the best laugh for me was when a particularly big name has a cameo there's an off screen reaction from an old lady that just got me for a solid 2 minutes.

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