Directors with impressive 3 film debuts?

I hope title makes sense.

With The Northman releasing soon and the reviews having been out for almost a week, everyone is raving over the movie with almost universal acclaim it seems like and giving it the treatment that’s at this point expected from a Robert Eggers film. What I think makes this even more impressive is that’s it’s only Eggers third feature length and if you take a look at the rest of his filmography it’s honestly very memorable. The Witch, The Lighthouse, The Northman. Its definitely a three film run that makes you go “damn you really started with these”.

So I was wondering who are some directors who debuted with some impressive three film runs? Not necessarily saying they have to have started off with masterpieces, but directors who’s first three movies leave you in awe.

Some that come to mind are Damien Chazelle, Tim Burton, and George Lucas.

EDIT: Surprised no one brought him up yet, but George Miller is definitely in that list.

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