DVN Stock Forecast: Dividend rises yet, stock becomes undervalued.

DVN Stock Forecast: Dividend rises yet, stock becomes undervalued.

DVN Stock Forecast: The stock is expected to trade between $50.9 and $54.2. The overall recommendation is Buy.

DVN Stock Forecast: Latest Price

DVN Stock Forecast: Performance Chart

Stock Name 5 Days 1 Month 6 Months 1 Year
DVN -0.2% -22.9% 6.9% 85.8%

DVN Stock: Latest Tweet

DVN Stock Forecast: Today’s Outlook

Indicator Trend
Overall Outlook Neutral
Market Data 
Market Cap Lower
Technical Buy
Trading Volume Lower
Crowd’s Wisdom 
Google Search Volume Higher
Social Media Sentiment Positive

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DVN Stock: Latest News

  • Devon has been planning to expand its position in Williston Basin and agreed to buy cash-flowing oil and gas assets. It is expected that the company will increase the dividend by 13% once the deal is finalized.
  • Over the past four weeks, DVN lost 34.6%, and it became oversold.

DVN Stock Forecast 2022

Even after being oversold, Devon continues to have a rating of “2” on Zacks which means buy. It had an RSI rating of 29.5 indicating overselling but, momentum investors might be interested in it -There is expected to be a turn-around in the trend. The EPS was revised by increasing it by 3.2%.

The yield for DVN would be attractive to growth investors as well. Dividend payments have been increased this year by 0.5% and are projected to rise further as well once their agreement is closed. The price forecast for DVN has a high of $103 and a low of $57. The earnings estimate is $2.3 for the 2nd quarter of 2022 and the revenue is expected to be $4B.

DVN Stock Forecast: Latest Video

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DVN Stock Forecast: First Quarter Earnings Summary

  • In the first quarter of 2022, DVN reported earnings of $1.5 per share. The EPS delivered a surprise of 7.6% i.e. exceeded analyst expectations.
  • The reported revenue was $3.5B.
  • A fixed-plus-variable dividend model was announced which made $1.3 payable in June 2022. This shows a 27% increase.
  • The share repurchase authorization was made at $2B representing a 25% increase.

DVN Stock Forecast: Google Trends

DVN Stock Forecast: Technical Analysis

DVN Stock Forecast

– Nandini Panchal

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