Ellipsis Price Prediction: EPX Price Surges as Outlook Improves

Explore our Ellipsis price prediction, current market trend, and future price speculations for Ellipsis tokens.

The latest Price of Ellipsis:

Ellipsis Price Prediction: Today’s Outlook

Indicator Trend
Overall Outlook Positive
Market Data Positive
Market Cap Positive
Technical Analysis Buy
Trading Volume Positive
Crowd’s Wisdom
Social Media Buzz NA

Ellipsis Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Ellipsis Price Prediction: Latest Video

YouTube video

Value Trend
Rank 2777 Higher
Market Capital
Trading Volume (24H) $30.82 M Higher
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💰 Market Cap. Swap 💰 What would one #Ellipsis $EPS cost if it had the market capitalization of #Bitcoin $BTC? One #EPS would be worth $583.34. 🤑 💪 🚀 | 👁️ More:


Ellipsis Price Prediction 2022

Average Ellipsis Price Prediction 2022 $0.15
PricePrediction $0.16
CoinCodex $0.17
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Volume Trend
Social Mentions NA NA
Social Engagements NA NA
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A platform called Ellipsis specializes in trading stable coins. It debuted in March 2021 as a fork of the wildly popular DeFi network Curve on the Binance (BNB-USD) Smart Chain (CRV-USD). Ellipsis receives support from Curve developers as a result of the fork, and Curve users gain access to EPS airdrops, the platform’s native coin.

Some Facts

One can use Ellipsis to bring their stablecoins to the trading platform and trade them for other cryptocurrencies. When Ellipsis was started, it simply supported three different swaps. Users can now choose from 16 different stablecoins to swap.

By providing three various types of pools, this network sets itself apart from others and allows users to generate passive revenue. The first set of pools, known as base pools, are the same paired asset pools that may be found in any other DeFi protocol. The second, known as meta pools, enables the pooling of tokens with completely different base pools.

The third pools, on the other hand, are “permissionless pools” that anybody can create and use.


How many Ellipsis are there?

There is a circulating supply of 723.7 million EPS and a maximum supply of one billion, according to CoinMarketCap.

Is Ellipsis a good investment?

It could be. Following an update to a new version of the platform, Ellipsis has recently been on the upswing. The enhanced EPX coin will take the place of EPS with this new upgrade. Before deciding to purchase Ellipsis, investors must undertake extensive research.

Where to buy Ellipsis?

You can use Binance to trade Ellipsis

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