Endgame crisis I’m having

My endgame is getting stupid ultra rare outfits. I've run out of things to do and I just can't quit this game so there I am, day after day, running back an forth on bridges or down that road or whatever just to trigger spawns and doing a well-practiced circle hitting random spawn tents hoping the rare outfit vendor bitch graces me with her presence and has more than a fucking bandana to sell me, looking for that buggy event or daily quest that might give me that super rare drop, server after server, day after day…

I have almost caved a few times and used reddit marketplace to get what I want. A few nights ago I saw a player that had the outfits my heart is dying for and they directed me to some app to buy them with actual money (and I seriously considered it – if my husband didn't give me a ration of shit for even considering paying someone $25 bucks for an in-game outfit I may have actually done it). Last night while playing I ran into someone that is most likely a duper that claimed to have over 1300 god tier/legacy weapons and at least 3 of every ultra rare outfit my heart could desire… In the moment I'm like, fuck this, I want it, I'm tired of this cruel grind. Take my caps. Take my best guns. Take my flus and the contents of my scrapbox, just make this insanity stop!

Then today I wake up and realize if I buy or trade to get those things… I have nothing left to do.

Anyone else here with me? Like, I want my crazy to end already for these things I can't seem to get organically, but if I buy or trade for them then what am I going to do in-world every day? This legit depresses your Mama Snarky.

Whatever, happy Monday!

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