Everton vs Nottingham Forest Prediction: Statistics and Analysis

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Everton vs Nottingham Prediction: Key Stats For Prediction

When is Everton Most Likely to Score a goal? Everton has scored equal goals in both half. But frequency of Scoring is more often in a period between 30-60 minutes.

When are Nottingham Forest most Likely to Score a goal? Nottingham Forest has Scored Equal goals in the both half. 45% of First half goals came in the First 15 Minutes for Forest, and 45% of Second half Goals came in 61-75 Minutes.

Who is Most Likely to Score For Everton? From the Current Lot, Demarai Gray and Calvert Lewin are most Likely to Score For the Toffees. Together Scores .54 goals per Match which is 43% of Everton’s Goal
Who is Most Likely to Score For Nottingham Forest? Sam Surridge and Brennan Johnson are Most Likely to score for the Notts. The duo are the two leading scorers for the Notts.

Crowdwisdom360 Score Prediction: Everton: 1 Nottingham: 1

*All statistical analyses are based on recent performances. Player performance may not necessarily replicate the recent performances.

Everton will host Nottingham Forest on 20th August 2022 at Goodison Park. Both teams had differing results on Matchday 2. The Toffees are coming off a loss to Villa in what transpired to be a sweltering afternoon. On the other Side, The resilient Nottingham Forest took down West Ham United in its first Premier League victory since returning to the top flight.

Everton vs Nottingham Forest Prediction: Goal Scoring and Conceding Pattern (Last 10 Games)

Everton ( Last 10 PL games)

Goals Scored Goals Conceded
First 15 minutes 2 1
16 to 30 minutes 1 2
31 to 45 minutes 2 6
46 to 60 minutes 3 2
61 to 75 minutes 3
76 to 90 minutes 2 3
First Half 5 9
Second Half 5 8
Total 10 17
  • Everton has Conceded 1.7 Per Match in the Last Ten Games. First half being More Painful Where they have Conceded 9 goals and 6 of them being in Last 15 Minutes of the First Half.
  • Everton’s Goal Scoring is Even in both the half.

Nottingham Forest (Last 10 Matches, Championship Stats)

Goals Scored Goals Conceded
First 15 minutes 4
16 to 30 minutes 3 1
31 to 45 minutes 2
46 to 60 minutes 2 1
61 to 75 minutes 4 1
76 to 90 minutes 3 3
First Half 9 1
Second Half 9 5
Total 18 6

*keynote: Nottingham Forest Played Championship Last Year and Stats are based on that.

  • Nottingham Forest has Scored Equal goals in the both half. 45% of First half goals came in the First 15 Minutes for Forest, and 45% of Second half Goals came in 61-75 Minutes.
  • Nottingham Concedes 83% of its goals in the second half.

Everton vs Nottingham Forest Prediction: Team Stats Analysis

Everton Nottingham Forest
Goals per game 1.13 1.54
Goals conceded per game 1.74 0.83
Clean Sheets % 21% 38%
Ball Possession % 46% 54%
Yellow Cards Avg 2.05 1.45
Red Cards Avg 0.15 0.09

Key Stats Analysis: By the Numbers


  • Everton displayed worse than average Stats on Defence. Frank Lampard’s Side Conceded .32 goals more than a Typical EPL Side.
  • Everton’s Defensive Weakness is Evident in the Fact they concede .60 Shots on Target against them.
  • Similarly, Everton’s midfield lags behind an average EPL side. They are 7 percent less accurate than them in passing.
  • Everton Scores .31 goals Less than the EPL Average.

Nottingham Forest:

  • Nottingham Forest were Superb in the Defence in Championship Last year and conceded .41 goals Less than Avg of Championship.
  • Offensively too, they were way ahead of the other sides, scoring .30 more goals.

Everton vs Nottingham Forest Prediction: Attack Analysis

Avg Shots on Goals Goals Per Match
Demarai Gray 2.49 0.28
Soloman Rondon 2.41 0.21
Calvert Lewin 2.31 0.26
Nottingham Forest
Sam Surridge 3.47 0.38
Joe Lolley 3.41 0.25
Brennan Johnson 2.32 0.30


The forward attack of the Toffees is led by the English professional footballer, Dominic Calvert-Lewin. Calvert-Lewin had a decent last season as he scored 5 goals for his side at an average of 2.3 shots per game. The bench strength looks good in the form of Demarai Gray. Gray played well last year and scored 5 goals with 6 big chances created.

Nottingham Forest:

The pair of Brennan Johnson and Sam Surridge leads the attack for Forest. Both the players added 25 goals, 12 assists, and 17 big chances created together in the last EFL Championship.

Everton vs Nottingham Forest Prediction: Midfield Analysis

Passing Success Rate Chances Created
Alexander Iwobi 80% 1.59
Doucoure 75% 0.76
Nottingham Forest
Lewis O’ Brien 78% 0.96
Neco Williams 74% 0.80

Everton: Alexander Iwobi is the Main Man for the Toffees. He is very Strong at Passing and Creates 1.59 Chances per match. Doucoure is another Vital Part of Toffees Midfield as he Reinforces Everton’s Defence with 75% of Tackle Success rate.

Nottingham Forest: Lewis o’ Brien and Neco Williams Performs a dual job for the Notts. The Duo Creates 1.76 Chances per match and has a key Contribution of more than 2 Interceptions per match.

Everton vs Nottingham Forest Prediction: Defense Analysis

Blocks Clearances Per Match Air Duel Success
Coady 0.6 1.8 63%
Yeri Mina 1 3 70%
Tarkowski 1.5 3 50%
Nottingham Forest
Niakhate 0.5 4 75%
Worrall 1.2 2.5 80%
Mckenna 0.8 1.9 72%

*Everton has Plenty of Injuries Issue. These Defenders are Probable to Play.

Tarkowski and Yeri Mina will Lead the Toffees Defense. Both the Defenders are very Strong in blocking the Ball and together has an average of Clearance of 6 Per Match.

Niakhate and Worall hold Defense of Notts together and averages around 6.5 Clearances and Wins More than 78% of Aerial duels together.

Everton vs Nottingham Forest Prediction: Goalkeeper Stats (2021/2022)

Jordan Pickford (Everton) Henderson (Nottingham Forest)
Goals Conceded (per Game) 1.7 0.7
Clean Sheet 7 15
Save Percent 65.5% 71%

Everton vs Nottingham Forest Prediction: Recent Form

Tottenham Sits Eighteenth on the Table, Just above United and West Ham. Everton has been Poor in the Preseason as well as Matchday 1 and Two. Toffees have Conceded 3 goals in the Two Matches at 1.50 goals per Match and has managed to score only one goal, that too helped by digne who conceded an own goal.

Nottingham Forest, on the others side, are tenth on the table, just behind Villa with one Win and one loss. The Notts Like Everton has scored one goal in two matches, but their Defence has looked better than Everton.

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Everton vs Nottingham Forest Prediction: Odds

The FcTables website known for giving out accurate predictions has given a 49% chance to the Frank Lampard’s Man, whereas Notts are a step behind at 23%. In terms of odds, Notts are outside Favourite at 4.20 with Everton having odds of 1.99 are ahead in this clash.

Everton vs Nottingham Forest Prediction: Head-to-Head

Matches: 128: Everton: 55 Nottingham Forest: 26 Draw: 47

Last 5 games: Everton – 4, Nottingham Forest – 1, Draw –

Recent Meeting: Last Meeting between both Sides was way back in 1999, Where Nottingham Forest beat Everton 1-0

Everton vs Nottingham Forest Prediction: Predicted Winner :

With Everton yet to win a Premier League match and showing no signs of strength, the game will be tricky for them. Their attack hasn’t fired in the past two matches. There is a respite, however, since they will play Nottingham Forest, who have been less prolific in scoring goals than Arsenal, Brentford, and Tottenham.

Nottingham has Shown in the Two Matches so far in the Premier League that they belong to the top tier and are no push over and are in better Form than the Toffees.

Considering all Analytical Data and Forms of both Sides and the Home advantage, this Match can close in a draw.

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