Fallout 76 Update Notes – April 12, 2022

Our latest update for Fallout 76 brings a variety of new bug fixes to the game. Read on to catch all the details.

Update Version

Check the download sizes below for today’s patch on your platform of choice:

  • PC (Bethesda.net): 1.6 GB
  • PC (Microsoft Store): 9.1 GB
  • PC (Steam): 2.2 GB
  • PlayStation: 9.2 GB
  • Xbox: 9.1 GB

Bug Fixes

  • Weapons: The Silver Shroud Tesla Rifle paint now correctly applies to the Charging Shotgun Barrel mod.
C.A.M.P.s & Workshops
  • Exploit: Fixed an issue in which cheaters could place NPCs in the game world.
  • Lights: The Diner Wall Light now correctly plays a sound effect when toggling it on and off.
  • Structures: Wires can now be attached to the power connector on the Firewatch Tower.
  • Structures: The Red Backwoods Bungalow now has an accompanying door, which can be found in the Doors tab in the build menu.
  • Structures: Players can now correctly place Blueprints that contain the Charleston Fire Station.
  • Walls: Wall Décor items, like Pennants, Frames, Posters, Signs, and etc., no longer clip into Enclave C.A.M.P. Walls.
  • World: The requirements for the “Complete Different Daily Quests” World Challenge have been reduced from 23 to 22, and it can now be correctly completed.
  • VATS: Melee VATS attacks while in third-person view no longer cause the player to encounter a black screen.
  • General: Addressed instances where enemies could sometimes become frozen and unresponsive.
  • Wolves: Fixed an issue that could prevent Wolves and other dog-type enemies from attacking the player.
Events & Quests
  • Public Events: Using the World Activity Tracker to Fast Travel to a Public Event that the player is already participating in no longer causes them to be removed from that event.
  • Public Events: Players now correctly join an active Public Event when walking into the event location.
  • Lode Baring: The quest tracker no longer persists on-screen after completing Lode Baring.
Fallout Worlds
  • Relaxed Building Restrictions: Setting the snapping toggle to “Collide” now correctly allows placement of C.A.M.P. objects without encountering “intersecting object” errors.
  • Armor: Fixed an issue that caused Thorn Armor’s bleed effect to stack unintentionally. To help account for this change, the bleed effect now deals five times its previous damage.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could cause a weapon to deal more damage than intended under certain circumstances.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit in which players could obtain certain magazines repeatedly from the same location.
  • Headwear: The Captain Cosmos Helmet now correctly prevents damage and disease from airborne hazards.
  • Melee Weapons: VATS attacks using automatic melee weapons, like the Ripper, now correctly progress the critical hit meter.
  • Ranged Weapons: Missile Launchers now correctly take condition damage from use, and they are no longer unbreakable.
  • Ranged Weapons: Alien Blaster and Alien Disintegrator projectiles now correctly impact objects and terrain.
  • Animation: Addressed an issue that could cause water sources to appear to stop flowing when playing Fallout 76 in a language other than English.
  • Allies: Allies no longer continue to appear as though they have a weapon drawn after leaving combat.
Performance & Stability
  • Client Stability: Fixed a client crash that could occur when using VATS melee attacks in third-person view.
  • Client Stability: Fixed a client crash that could occur when rapidly scrapping and storing objects in a C.A.M.P. that had reached the maximum build budget.
  • Keyring: Added sound effects that play when opening and closing the Keyring in the Pip-Boy.
  • Grenades: Excess sound effects no longer play when drawing a weapon with certain types of grenades equipped.
  • Sirens: Toggling a Siren on and off repeatedly no longer causes its sound effects to stack.
User Interface
  • Nearby Corpses: Lengthy enemy names are now spaced and sized more appropriately in the Nearby Corpses menu.
  • Photomode: Dr. Zorbo themed poses are once again available for use in Photomode for players who earned them during Season 7.
  • Photomode: Adjusted the Photomode pose list so that pose titles and animations are back in sync.
  • Scoreboard: On consoles, the player’s current Atom balance now updates immediately after purchasing Ranks via the “Rank Up to Here” button on the Scoreboard.
  • Scoreboard: Fixed an issue that caused the “Rank Up to Here” button to remain greyed out after purchasing Atoms.
  • Settings: Using the “Defaults” button in the Display options menu now correctly reverts Display settings to their default values.

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