Films with great setups but disappointing payoffs/executions?

One that comes to mind for me is Roadhouse. Love Patrick Swayze and I was really excited once the film started. The premise was great and I had a really good feeling about his character and where the film was going to go.

After the fact… it was very underwhelming. I feel like barely anything happened. Swayze was hands down the best part but his arc was too brief and forced. The emotional moments didn't feel earned. Some of the lines got a laugh but quite a few of them needed a rewrite. The villain was completely stock and the thugs were pretty over the top. The romance was meh and all over the place. I just feel like the movie didn't take full advantage of their setup. The ending was pretty satisfying but that was BARELY enough payoff. I'd rewatch it for Swayze but not much else.

Any films that you were really sucked into at the start but ended pretty disappointed?

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