Finally saw “Crash” from 2004. I had always heard it was cheesy and heavy-handed but OMG…it was just awful lol.

I mean just wow. And talk about aging horribly. Yeesh. “On the nose” doesn’t even begin to adequately describe the heavy-handedness of this movie.

And THIS won over Brokeback Mountain?!

Wow. Anyone thinking this movie was profound at the time had to have been seriously ensconced in a mayonnaise-white bubble lol. I mean, I thought it was parody at some points it was so bad, but then, all of a sudden, it would become painfully obvious it was trying and failing to be tremendously serious.

The cheesy dialogue, ridiculous situations, the overt and blatant moralizing about something so obvious…it’s hard to believe the academy picked this over much more qualified entrants.

Then again, Hollywood is so self-pleasuring, I suppose it makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

What a stinker! lol.

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