First Time Launching a Nuke at Level 280

I rolled a TRO explosive 50 cal so I figured might as well put it to use in a silo. Damn that thing shreds robots. Went pretty well, tried a silo months ago and got killed twice and ran out of ammo. Finished this one clean.

Figured as it's the first time I did this I'd role play it right (since I expected the fight to be worthless) so I aimed for the prime fissure. I even waited to watch the nuke fully leave the silo.

Got there, maybe 6 others, and it took us nearly 10 minutes to bring the queen down. Way more mobs spawned that usual. Is this because we're in the blast zone during the fight?

Guns that shall not be named were not present. Maybe I got lucky or maybe the SBQ griefers got a new hobby. Don't give up hope wastelanders.

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