Forcing a nuke zone Queen fight. (Story)

So somewhat recently, while in search of entertainment, I thought how it's been a long time since I had a queen fight while in a nuke zone.

I decided to drop a nuke like most players do, with the edge on prime so the fight can be pulled out of the zone. However I went into the nuke zone and pulled the queen the other way and crippled the wings so it would stay put. Clearly some people were trying to pull it out but they caved and joined me in the bask of Atom's glow.

So now it's time for a second nuke, there oddly enough were 3 camps around prime, not in places they'd normally get nuked but close enough if you wanted to, you could hit them and prime.

I wanted to. This was my first time nuking a camp in like 1000 hours, and today I was gonna switch things up.

So the second nuke wiped out 2 camps and expanded the nuke zone. More people showed up this time. I talked to one of the camp owners, damn heretic didn't understand the gift of atom I presented onto his camp.

Then the third hit the last camp and now the nuke zones looked like a ven diagram. You couldn't force the queen out if you wanted.. the nuke zone was as big as I possibly could make it. I grab my 2 shot fat man and a pack of nuka grenades and went to town, it was a blast.

No legacies and only one ass hat using explosives (what a dick) it was GLORIOUS.

I swear the full server showed up for the final nuke because it was packed! A group of low levels showed up to see what was going on and got wrecked. I had to drop them stims and nuka grapes just to keep them in the fight.

We finish the fight and that was that. Atom hit us good and hard and lit his cigarette, but the noobs didn't need a break. They were ready for round 2 instantly. Oh what it's like to be young.

I lost track of the noob group.. what kind of trouble could they be getting into? Until I checked the map.. they were in the cranberry bog/forest.

"Ah shit" As I go running over there in my chinese stealth suit. Yep there was a wendigo colossus. And it was absolutely FUCKING these guys. I'm not in my commando build, I couldn't solo it if I wanted, but I sure as hell wasn't gonna let these noobs fail. I'm emoting and running around trying to get anyone to help. After a few deaths people started to catch on, then their teams caught on. Now we had a full wendigo fight with 20 people in the middle of a nuke zone.

I spoke with the noob group afterwards and they had so much fun and were definitely excited looking forward to doing more. I didn't have the heart to tell them that nuke events aren't normally like that. And a few other players at first to explain proper nuke etiquette.I tried to introduce them to our lord and savior. Atom.

This was some of the most fun I've had on 76 in awhile. Queen fights are becoming so short and easy thanks to nonsense that we forget the absolute chaos and enjoyment that came from early game nukes.

What is your favorite nuke story?

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