Fubo Stock Forecast: FUBO Rises finally after Falling over 90% in a year

Fubo Stock Forecast: FUBO Rises finally after Falling over 90% in a year

Fubo Stock Forecast: Highlights
FuboStock Forecast: Shares of FuboTV Inc is expected to trade between $2.3 and $2.5. The overall trend is Neutral.
-The average 12-month target for Fubo is $9.21.
Zacks investment analysts rated this stock as Hold.
-Positives: Revenue growth and Bullish Forecasts.
-Negatives: The stock is down over 80% from its peak of $35.45 in Nov 2021.

Latest FuboTV stock price

Metric Value Trend
Volume 7.90 M Higher
Forward PE (1 Year) -0.79 N/A

Earnings Update

  • Revenue up 98% Year on Year
  • Advertising revenue up 81% Year on Year
  • Revenue Guidance for FY 2022 lowered from $1.08 B to $1.02 B

On Google, Search Volumes for Fubotv stock are Higher compared to yesterday.

Fubo Stock Forecast: Momentum Summary

Indicator Trend
Overall Neutral
1. Market Data Negative
1a. Price Higher
1b. Volume Lower
1c. Performance versus NASDAQ Lower
1d. Technical Indicator Sell
2. Crowd’s Wisdom Positive
2a. Google Search Higher
2b. Social Media Buzz Momentum N.A.

Fubo Stock Forecast: Performance Chart

Stock Name Last 5 Days 1 month YTD
Fubo TV Inc -11.74% -4.98% -84.69%
NASDAQ +0.99% +7.61% -24.00%

Fubo Stock Forecast: Competition Analysis

Fubo Stock Forecast: Technical Analysis

Source Support Resistance Recommendation
Investing $2.21(S3) $2.43(R1) Sell
Barchart $2.27(S3) $2.53(R1) Buy

Fubo Stock Forecast: CrowdWisdom360-Insights

  • Fubo thrived at the start of the pandemic, like other digital entertainment companies, as people spent more time at home. FuboTV has maintained its momentum despite the reopening of economies.
  • The recent biggest competitor for Fubo has been Magnate. Magnite is an advertising technology business that was founded to actively chase the connected TV market (CTV). Magnite is classified as a sell-side ad-tech firm. It’s the largest independent firm that specializes in its field. To state the obvious, Some publishers have their own technical solution. Magnite, on the other hand, is self-contained, which means it is not a publisher. It’s purely an ad-tech bet.
  • Analysts continue to be bullish on the stock. If subscriber and revenue growth is as expected by the end of the year, FUBO stock will be worth at least twice as much as it is now. To put it another way, the analysts will be right.
  • Platforms like Twitter have been surfacing with FUBO tv users complaining about poor service from them. While Fubo is a good platform, users are not satisfied with the service they provide making them cancel their subscriptions and opt for other streaming platforms.

Fubo Stock Forecast: Why is Fubo Stock Dropping?

The reason of stock losing 80% of its value from its last year’s peak, the company is still losing money. Unprofitable businesses appear to be the last choice of investors. Despite the revenue growth, Fubo is losing money quarter by quarter. These continued losses might be the reason for investors showing less interest in this stock. This gets worse, because Fubo is up against the stiff competition in the business, with each company fighting for its shares.

Subscription-related expenses were $216 million in the fourth quarter, while total revenue reached $231 million. It will be difficult if Fubo cannot decrease some of these costs and increase profits.

Fubo Stock Forecast: Latest FuboTv News and Tweets

Fubo Stock Forecast: FuboTv Social Media Sentiments ($FUBO)

Last 7 days Last 24 hours Trend
Net Sentiment +27.6% N.A. Lower

Fubo Stock Forecast: Future Outlook for FuboTV

  • On November 3, FuboTv launched Fubo Sportsbook, an online betting service, in the US starting with Iowa. The sportsbook service is integrated with live TV services to expand the horizon of the company.
  • Last year, the trading in Fubo was a risky proposition. It moved up and down like a roller coaster and that was not cautious for ideal investors. But things started to cool off in the last 2 months as it is no longer the target of Reddit traders as it used to be in the past year.
  • It is also possible that the short squeeze mob may target the stock again as they did in January this year and Fubo stock may revisit 52 week high of $62 depending on the company’s ability to generate revenue and cut its losses.
  • FuboTv is expected to benefit from a number of partnerships like multi-year partnership with Fubo Sportsbook, to become official betting partner of club. Fubo Sportsbook is set to debut during 2021-22 NFL season. This is first authorized mobile sports betting lounge in MetLife Stadium.
  • With its partnership, FuboTv growth trajectory is expected to gain momentum in 2022. By 2025, analysts believe that FuboTv is expected to touch 2 million subscribers and revenues are expected to increase at compound annual growth rate of nearly 60 percent which is well above market expectations.
  • Stock is expected to touch new heights, but it is not going to happen overnight. Partnerships is expected to deliver in couple of years, revenue is expected to grow at brisk pace and that will turn the company’s balance sheet, a profit generating one which will fuel the upside of stock price.

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Fubo Stock Forecast

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