Hints for the Wordle 302 Hints Today – April 17, 2022

UPDATE: Click here for the hints and the answer to Wordle 303!

Wordle is a great word game that has gone viral with the results being posted all over social media. The aim of the game is to guess the five-letter American English word in six guesses or less. There are no initial clues given as to what the word could be but once you have made a guess, the tiles will change colour.

The tiles will change to one of three different colours: grey, yellow, or green. Grey indicates that the letter you guessed is not in the word at all, and you should avoid using it in future guesses. Yellow indicates that the letter does appear in the word, but not in the position you have it in now. Green indicates that you have guessed the correct letter and placed it in the correct location, which is the colour you want to see!

Wordle Game - How to Play
Wordle Game – How to Play

There is also a hard mode for the game in which you are forced to use any correctly guessed letters from the previous row in every guess you make. You may already do this, but fortnite v bucks generator there are times when there are multiple answers for the Wordle and you need to guess a word that contains the potential letters to help you solve the Wordle, which you will not be able to do with this mode. You can always turn it back off during the game as well if you find it too difficult.

Hints for the Wordle 302 Hints Today – April 17, 2022

As the word can be quite difficult, we have some hints for Wordle 302 to help you to solve it, which are:

Hint 1: Contains the letter P.
Hint 2: It starts with the letter A.
Hint 3: There are two vowels in the word today.
Hint 4: This word means enough or more than enough.

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What is the Wordle 302 Answer Today? (April 17th, 2022)

Here is how I managed to solve the Wordle 302 word fortnite v bucks generator in three guesses today. First I guessed the word ‘AUDIO’, my usual starter word, and this placed the A in the correct position, but did not reveal any other letters that are in the answer.

I then decided to guess the word ‘APPLY’ to see if any of the letters in this word are in the answer. Luckily, the word placed the P and L in the correct positions, leaving just the second and fifth letter to be guessed to solve the answer. I has forgotten to guess a word with an E in it for the second word, but I knew gta 5 mobile that the answer could not be ‘APPLE’ as there is no double P in the word.

The only other word I could think of that had an E in it and has the known letters in that order was the answer to Wordle 302, which is…


Wordle 302 Answer - April 17th 2022
Wordle 302 Answer – April 17th 2022

Well done if you managed to guess the answer correctly today. Make sure you check out the Fortnite-related Wordle game, called Fortle, on our sister site! Click here for the hints and the answer to Wordle 303!