How to Charge Your Laptop in the Car?

The main reason why the majority of people prefer laptops over desktops is because of portability. Laptops are thin, lightweight, and extremely portable. If you are always on the go, it is best to invest in a laptop as you don’t need a constant power source.

However, laptops run out of battery with continuous use. You need to charge this device from time to time to keep using it. In order to charge a laptop, you need a power outlet and laptop charger.

Sometimes, it becomes quite difficult to find a power outlet to charge your laptop, especially when you are traveling in a car for a long time. However, there are a few ways to keep using your laptop in a car without worrying about the depleting battery.

If you need to use the laptop while traveling in a car, you can simply charge it. Yes, it is possible to charge your laptop in a car despite the lack of a power outlet. If you want to know how to charge your laptop in the car, continue reading this article. 

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Is It Safe to Charge a Laptop in Your Car?

Yes, it is safe to charge your laptop in a car, but you need to use the right power cords and connection. Make sure you check the quality as well as compatibility of the ports and cables to avoid any hazard or damage.

If you want to use your laptop during the commute, it is possible to use the power system of your car to charge it. However, you must use the correct cable and charger for the device. Then, connect the cable to your laptop and the power inverter. 

Make sure the plug is not near the hot engine. You can also use a USB Type-C adapter. Nevertheless, if you have doubts about its safety, you should avoid charging your laptop in the car.

Charging your laptop in the car is safe as long as you use the right power adapter and connectors. However, there is a risk of damaging your laptop if you do not check the devices properly. The wrong devices can damage the power ports of your laptop and the inverter charger. 

Therefore, you should be extra careful while purchasing these accessories. If you want to use your laptop in your car, you should consider these considerations when purchasing a power inverter.

Does Car Battery Get Depleted When You Charge Your Laptop?

Yes, your car battery can get depleted if your charge a laptop when your car is stationed. While the battery will not drain significantly, it will still deplete the battery power level. To avoid this problem, you need to charge your laptop when your car is in motion.

If you frequently charge your laptop from the car battery when it is stationed or if you leave your laptop overnight for charging, it will significantly lower the power in your car battery.

When your car engine is not running, the main power source the car uses is the battery. When you cut off the engine but still use the car headlights or power cords, it will deplete the battery. 

You need a deep-cycle battery if you want to charge your laptop in a stationed car. This battery is different from regular car batteries. It recharges back quickly after getting drained.  

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5 Ways to Charge a Laptop in Your Car

There are many ways to charge a laptop in your car, but if you’re pressed for time, we’ll talk about the most popular ones. Here are the five different methods you can use to charge your laptop in a car.

Method 1: Using An Inverter

In order to charge your laptop battery, you need an AC power source. However, a car battery provides DC energy. You cannot use a DC energy source to power an AC device. While you cannot use the car battery directly, you can still use the car inverter. 

You can use a standard laptop charger and connect it with the inverter in the car to charge the laptop. You need to buy a vehicle inverter charger. It will help you to convert DC power into AC power. After that, you need to connect the power cable to the charging slot available in the car. 

Now, you can simply plug the laptop charger into the inverter charger. Lastly, connect the charger to the charging slot in your laptop to easily charge your laptop battery. It is one of the best ways to charge a laptop battery in a car. 

Method 2: Using USB Charger

You can also use a USB charger to charge your laptop battery. Nowadays, many laptops are equipped with a USB Type C port for charging. A USB charger for laptops can easily be used to recharge your laptop when you’re in the car, and it can save you from carrying a separate power adapter. 

Ensure the device is compatible with your car before you use it. However, this method will only work if your laptop is equipped with a USB Type C charging port. You need a Type C USB laptop car charger and cable to charge the laptop. 

In order to charge your laptop, you need to connect the charger to the charging port of your car. After that, connect the other end to your laptop. This is how you can easily charge your laptop battery in your car using a USB charger. 

Method 3: Using Power Bank

Using a power bank in your car is an excellent solution for recharging your laptop while on the go. You can keep one in your car at all times. These power banks work just like the ones you use for charging your smartphone. However, laptops need more power, so you need to invest in a powerful device. 

The laptop battery needs 40W power to charge, so purchase the power bank accordingly. After you buy a power bank, make sure it is fully charged. Then, you can simply plug the cable into your laptop port to charge the device. Connect the other end to your power bank and switch it on to start charging. 

Method 4: Using an Adaptor

Another thing you can do is use an adaptor to charge your laptop in a car. It works just like the inverter method and helps you to convert DC power into AC power. The only difference is that you don’t need to buy a separate cable to charge the laptop. You can use it directly with the laptop’s regular charger. 

All you need to do is buy an adaptor and attach it to the power source in your car. After that, you can simply connect your laptop charger to the adapter’s port to charge the laptop. 

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Method 5: Using Car Laptop Charger

You can also use a car laptop charger to directly charge your laptop in a car. It works just like a laptop charger, with the only difference in the power jack. While one end of the charger goes into your laptop’s charging port, the other one needs to be inserted into the cigarette lighter socket in your car. 

You can easily buy this type of charger to charge your laptop. However, before you buy this charger, make sure it is compatible with your laptop’s charging port. If it is not compatible, you will not be able to charge your laptop.


So, if you want to use the laptop on the go when traveling in a car, you can use any of the above-mentioned methods to charge it. You can either use the car inverter, USB charger, power bank, adapter, or car laptop charger. 

All these methods work perfectly and can help you to easily power up a laptop. However, make sure you check the compatibility and quality of the cables and chargers to ensure safety.

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