How To Fix League of Legends Installation Problem?

Sometimes, installation or running League of Legends can be buggy. There are a few things you can check before uninstalling it, and we are going to go through them in this post. These little hacks range from basic things like checking if your operating system has the latest update to going into full “hack” mode and finding hidden folders to delete. So, let’s get started. 

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1. Check Your Latest Updates

As we said, checking if your operating system is up to date is the first thing to do. If it is up to date, you should also check your drivers if you have Windows OS. Especially the GPU drivers. If they are not up to date, they might be incompatible with the game. Depending on your OS and your GPU, you might need to download drivers manually, or you can just check for updates on your computer. You know your setup better than anybody! 

2. Insufficient RAM

Believe it or not, other applications can impact your performance. Sometimes a game won’t launch because you don’t have enough RAM to start it. Check if other applications are consuming your memory and shut them down for the time being. You can check this in the task manager if you have Windows OS. If you have macOS, clicking on the battery will show you what’s consuming a lot of energy.

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3. Temporarily Disable Your Firewall 

If you have a third-party firewall, try to disable it before installing the game or the patch. If not, you can disable the Windows firewall that comes with the OS by going to the Control Panel and System and Security and clicking on Windows Firewall. 

4. Run The Installation As The Administrator

We are getting to the more complicated hack-like steps now. You might need to run the installation as the administrator. This option will show up when you download the installer and right-click on it. The option should come out as “Run as Administrator.” This could fix the issue. 

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5. Files Might Be Broken

Some files in the game might be corrupt or broken. According to the latest Youtube video, posted only three months ago, in November 2022, you can delete a folder on your computer, which seemed to have fixed the installation issue for most. You will need to Quit the game and the LeagueClient first. Then, you want to go to Finder on Mac OS or File Browser on Windows. You need to access the Library and the Application Support. Then, you need to find the Riot Games folder and delete it. 

Here’s the Youtube tutorial in case you need the visual to see what we mean. 

One more hack from October last year to get rid of corrupt files was to go to lol.launcher.admin application on your computer, click on the Settings icon, and select Initialise Full Repair. When this is done, close the window and restart your computer. This fix is more for the won’t launch error, but it might work if your installation process just can’t be finalized. 

If All Else Fails

These are some of the basics and some more advanced things you can do if the installer just won’t launch on your computer. But if you tried all of these things, and it’s still not working, and there is no Internet nerd to answer your questions, try to go on the Riot Games page and send them a ticket. You can find the link here:

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