I know not everyone likes the Lady Thor story but the amount of people getting so bent out of shape over Love and Thunder and feeling the need to explain the “biology” of women to debunk Lady Thor is embarrassing.

I'm not going to get political here to follow the rules, with that said the comments in response to Jane Thor (Lady Thor) are extremely telling of how someone views women, for example:

Someone said "Anyone else tired of Marvel trying to portray women as something they aren't? and People of color" That's literally just blatant r**ism and s**ism, that's from a person who I guess sees women as lesser because of some preconceived notion about "biology" which is just absolute horse sh*t and what he said about people of color is just… wow.
Another one is "she's only 90lbs" which is something these folks like to bring up whenever a female character is strong even though that literally doesn't matter and the strength of gods literally isn't based around gender but these folks like to bring up the " biological differences" between men and women because they are of the belief that men are biologically better than women over muscle.

Whenever a female character is strong or has muscles like when a photo was revealed of Natalie Portman a year or more ago of her being buff, the same folks got upset and complained about women with muscles and didn't like her having muscles, having the belief that the "biology" of one group makes someone less compared to another group is the same crap that happened during a very dark time in America if you catch my drift, again I want to avoid getting political.

Literally no one in the real world cares about strength or muscles of real or fictional people, no one with sense sees themselves as better than someone else over muscles, saying that you or someone is better than someone else over muscle is shallow and thinking that women are not equal to men over muscle is shallow.
This same crowd wants every female character to have extremely over-exaggerated and unrealistic breasts but they then complain about strong women being "unrealistic" also muscles and strength just don't matter, seeing such things as a social standard or something that makes you better is also shallow, these same folks got mad at Kate Bishop without even seeing the show and seeing that she struggled but they didn't like the idea of a woman comparing to Clint.

On a higher note, I am very hyped to see Thor and Zeus, Gorr, the other gods we will see and the Guardians again.

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