I would dare say that John Candy is the Anti-Chevy Chase with their characters.

So Chevy Chase and Candy had a lot of similiar style movies during their prime. They both play family men who want to bond with their kids and wife only for life to screw them over constantly.

The difference, I have come to realize, is that John's characters are always a victim of circumstance. He is usually a lovable guy who gets taken advantage of or is just super unlucky. But he usually tries to remain a good person throughout the movie.

Yet Chase's character puts up a front of the sweetheart when in fact he is an arrogant ass who usually is the cause of his own problems. Yes people screw him but then he escaltes everything due to his own hubris and arrogance.

Can you think of any other actors who play similar characters but with different traits deep down as these two did?

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