If you want the future of small movies to succeed in theaters you should go see “Everything Everywhere All At Once” in theaters.

Some people talk about the future of small movies being on the small screen on streaming platforms but this movie is made for theaters; a small screen debut for this movie would have been a crime and I hope more people choose to go see it in theaters. It opened with a limited release but has expanded now. That being said, it is still most often only shown on one screen with only three or four showings per day.

Most off of the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. I get how it won't be for some people but I think those will be in the minority as this film is packed with so much and done so well, there is never a dull moment. Just a non-stop ride from beginning to end.

It is a brilliant film made for about 28 million full of heart, action, comedy and incredible visuals and sounds. They are currently at around 18-19 million in box office haul.

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