If your not cooking! where you at?

I love how in-depth the cooking, recipe, and food buffs work on this game. You can even choose a whole affinity carnivore/herbivores if you like certain buffs more than others to increase their effects.

After 300 levels I finally went herbivore and love the effects you get from foods like tato salad, company tea, hard lemonade, mutfruit tea, cranberry relish, brain fungus soup, glowing fungus soup, gourd soup, steeped mutated fern tea to name a few. Trust me guys if you are not big on cooking you are literally missing out on about 20% of the content this game has to offer.

Every plant, farm, and kitchen in the world has something to offer, there are recipes, cooking ingredients, and cooked meals in the stoves like apple pie. Taking a break from all the violence of the wasteland to cook some meals back at home that recharge your character again is a beautiful well implemented and very underused feature in my opinion.

Let me know if you cook and what is your routine like, I can take up to 20 mins gathering more rare ingredients like cranberries and starlight berries to make enough food for a few days of gaming.

Ps. In the deep near white springs you can find glowing mushrooms, brain fungus, and if you follow the initial cave with crickets to the end there are 5 starlight berry bushes.

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