Illinois Governor Polls: Bailey Hopes For Trump’s Endorsement At His Rally

June 23rd: Illinois Governor Polls 2022: Polls show it is almost the end of the road for Richard Irvin in the Ilinois GOP Primary Race. Darren Bailey now has a new challenger, Jesse Sullivan.

Average of Polls (Last 3 Polls): Darren Bailey: 32% Richard Irvin: 17% Jesse Sullivan 17%.

Google Trends Last 7 Days: Darren Bailey: 34% Richard Irvin: 36%, Jesse Sullivan: 24%.

Net Social Sentiment: Jesse Sullivan has the worst social media sentiments among the GOP candidates. The net sentiment of Darren Bailey is the best among the Republicans.

JB Pritzker is facing no competition from his Democratic Party’s rival for the upcoming Primary race. He is well placed to be the Democratic Party’s nomination for the November 8th General election.

Tuesday, November 8th, 2022, the state of Illinois will vote for electing a new candidate to Governor’s office. However, before the General election, the state is set to see a Primary election scheduled for June 28th, 2022.

The incumbent Governor J. B. Pritzker is seeking re-election; thus, he will likely be the Democratic Party’s candidate for the November 8th General election. The Republican field is, however, crowded with six candidates running for the June 28th Primary election. Several polls have been published for the GOP Primary election and almost all the polls have shown a close fight between Richard Irvin and Darren Bailey.

Insights, Observation, and Election Breaking

Donald Trump In Illinois on June 25th

The Illinois GOP Governor Primary election is heading for a wire finish with Darren Bailey and Jesse Sullivan tied for the first position as per the latest poll. Now the Trump factor may turn out to be very much crucial for deciding the outcome of the GOP Primary election.

Donald Trump has not endorsed any candidate for the upcoming Primary election but Trump is scheduled to visit the state on June 26th where he will be holding a rally at the Adams County fairgrounds in Mendon.

Trump’s rally was supposed to be for supporting of U.S. Representative Mary Miller but as per the latest news report, Darren Bailey a leading candidate in GOP Primary race will be part of Trump’s rally in Adams County. However, it must be noted that Bailey will be part of the rally because Bailey had endorsed Miller and he will be there to support her.

Bailey hopes of being endorsed by Donald Trump during the rally.

Jesse Sullivan To Win Ilinois Governor GOP Nomination

Illinois GOP Primary election is turning out to be one of the most interesting elections. Initially, Richard Irvin was running the show but Darren Bailey started to lead in all the polls from June 1st. Now as we move closer to the election, a new poll shows, Jesse Sullivan, tied with Darren Bailey for the top position. If polls are to be believed Jesse Sullivan may turn out to be the winner of the GOP Primary race.

1. There has been a gradual increase in the search on Google Trend for Jesse Sullivan in the last few days. Despite Sullivan’s search volume remaining to be lower than Bailey and Irvin’s but the gain in his search volume is higher as compared to Irvin and Bailey’s.
2. For the first time, the net sentiment of Sullivan is highly positive. For Irvin, the sentiments are negative and for Bailey, the sentiments are slightly positive. Jesse Sullivan’s net sentiment is best among the GOP candidates.

Illinois Governor Race Polls: What Do the Polls Predict for Upcoming GOP Primary Election?

Richard Irvin seems to have been pushed back by Darren Bailey in the upcoming GOP Primary. Irvin once was the favorite to win the GOP nomination but Bailey now is in pole position. The last 3 polls show the rise of Bailey and the decline of Irvin. Bailey maintains an over 10% lead over Irvin as per the polls ad if the polls are believed to be true then it is almost the end of the road for Richard Irvin.

Illinois Governor Election Polls 2022: Google Trends

Date June 22nd
Darren Bailey 34%
Richard Irvin 36%
Gary Rabine 6%
Jesse Sullivan 24%
Date June 20th
Darren Bailey 34%
Richard Irvin 35%
Gary Rabine 7%
Jesse Sullivan 24%

Illinois Governor Polls: Net Sentiment

The net sentiment of Richard Irvin is the worst among the Republican candidates while Jesse Sullivan and Darren Bailey have the best sentiment among the rest of the GOP candidates.

Date June 23rd
Darren Bailey -1.8%
Richard Irvin -11.7%
Jesse Sullivan -13.6%
Date June 20th
Darren Bailey +2.1%
Richard Irvin -13.8%
Jesse Sullivan +27.1%

Illinois Governor Polls 2022: Candidates

Illinois Democrat candidate

  • Beverly Miles, US Army Veteran
  • J B Pritzker, Incumbent Governor of Illinois

Illinois Governor Polls: Google Trends

Date June 23rd
J B Pritzker 86%
Beverly Miles 14%
Date June 20th
J B Pritzker 88%
Beverly Miles 12%

Illinois Governor Election Polls 2022: Social Media Sentiments

Date June 23rd
Pritzker -12.2%
Beverly Miles
Date June 20th
Pritzker +2.9%
Beverly Miles -23%

Illinois Governor Polls 2022: Latest Tweets

Originally tweeted by Richard Irvin & Avery Bourne For Illinois (@IrvinBourne4IL) on June 22, 2022.

Democrats are spending tens of millions against one team: Richard and Avery. The Dems are actively meddling in this election.

Originally tweeted by JB Pritzker (@JBPritzker) on June 22, 2022.

I ran for governor because I wanted to defend the values that matter most in Illinois.

We’re fighting for people like William because everyone deserves a government they can count on.

Share why you’re on #TeamJB at

Illinois Governor Primary Polls: Latest Videos

YouTube video

Illinois Governor Polls: Candidates

Ilinois Governor election Polls 2022: Illinois Republican Party Candidates

  • Darren Bailey, Illinois Senate Member
  • Paul Schimpf, a former member of the Illinois Senate
  • Richard C. Irvin, mayor of Aurora, Illinois
  • Gary Rabine
  • Max Solomon
  • Jesse Sullivan

Illinois Governor Polls: Who is running against JB Pritzker in 2022?

The incumbent governor, JB Pritzker declared that he will be running for re-election. The Democratic field for the upcoming Primary election is not much crowded. Beverley Miles, a US Army Veteran declared his candidature for the upcoming Dems Primary race.

Illinois Governor Polls: General Election

Victory Research: Jan18–20, 2022

J.B. Pritzker (D): 55% Darren Bailey (R): 24%

J.B. Pritzker (D): 53% Darren Bailey (R): 22%

J.B. Pritzker (D): 52% Darren Bailey (R): 28%

There have been no recent polls for the November 8th Governor race. A poll conducted by Victory Research gives the incumbent J B Pritzker a clear edge over the top three Republican Primary candidates. Therefore, if the poll numbers are to be believed, JB Pritzker is heading to be re-elected once again as the governor of Illinois.

Illinois Governor Primary Polls: What Happened in the Last Illinois Governor Election?

The last Illinois Governor took place on November 6th, 2018. The incumbent Governor Bruce Rauner was against the Democratic Party’s candidate JB Pritzker. The election result came in the favour of JB Pritzker.

J B Pritzker got nearly 55% of the total votes polled while the then incumbent Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner got around 39% vote share. JB Pritzker went on the become the new Governor of Illinois.

Illinois Governor Primary Polls: What Happened in the 2020 Presidential Election (Illinois Result)?

Illinois has been the Democratic Party’s stronghold. In 2016 Hillary Clinton won the state by a massive 16%. Hillary got nearly 56% vote share while Donald Trump received around 40% vote share.

In 2020 Joe Biden extended the lead as he won by around 17% in Illinois. Around 58% of the votes were in favor of Joe Biden in 2020 while Trump got only 41% vote share in Illinois.

Illinois Governor Polls

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