Immunicorn Finance: The New Cryptocurrency Bringing a Touch of Magic to Financial Security

Immunicorn Finance: The New Cryptocurrency Bringing a Touch of Magic to Financial Security. This is a sponsored advertising post. Nothing in this content should be construed as advice, it is meant for informational purposes only.

This is new cryptocurrency is bringing safety and security to cryptocurrency use. Immunicorn Finance aspires to provide a secure digital environment to its users, using the term ‘immunity’ to prove how protected their digital assets will be. Despite cryptocurrency’s mainstream representation as risky, insecure, and dangerous, Immunicorn Finance is here to change the game, proving just how stable and secure crypto usage can be.

Immunicorn Finance

All About $IMU, the Immunicorn Finance Token

$IMU is the native token of the Immunicorn ecosystem. Built on the BNB Smartchcain, this is a BEP20 token that can be used to pay transaction fees. This token has been crafted to serve the major core of the Immunicorn ecosystem to improve its functionality.

The maximum supply of $IMU will be 50 billion with 15 billion available in presale. Immunicorn Finance also has a presale bonus available to reward their early-bird users! Earn up to 20% more $IMU tokens by referring your friends to Immunicorn Finance during its presale.

There are specific advantages to using the $IMU token, such as access to voting and governance rights on Immunicorn Finance’s ecosystem. This is due to the Immunicorn DAO. Therefore, this platform is community-driven, with a decentralised autonomous organisation enabling users to participate in Immunicorn’s governance. To partake in this aspect of the coin, all users must do is act as an owner or holder of the native $IMU token.

Furthering this, users can submit their own proposals for community votes. If individuals have ideas or perspectives on beneficial decisions for the platform, they can put these forward as long as they meet the requirements in the number of tokens owned.

Inside Immunicorn Staking, Lending, and Borrowing

With Immunicorn staking, users can earn as the supply of $IMU tokens grows. After new $IMU tokens are minted from the protocol’s treasury, a majority is given to the stakers. As a result, their $IMU gain is due to balance growth.

Furthermore, users of the Immunicorn platform can also lend their assets to the platform. Following this, the Immunicorn Finance liquidity pool will consist of multiple popular cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, BNB, Solana, etc. Every transaction will create a derivative upon the deposited amount with a 1:1 valuation. This can be either stored, traded, or redeemed by the user. As a result, when an original asset is locked in the Immunicorn liquidity pool, the value is still free for use with the derivative token.

Finally, for Immunicorn Finance borrowing, users remove money from the liquidity pool in exchange for collateral. Once they have paid back their borrowed amount (plus interest) their collateral is released. This differs from traditional banking as the amount of collateral dropped must be higher than the amount borrowed. To be precise, for Immunicorn Finance it needs to be at least 130% of the borrowed amount. If the borrower fails to refund the loan, their collateral is liquidated and distributed to the lenders.

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