Inter vs Bayern Prediction: Statistical Analysis

Inter vs Bayern Prediction

When is Inter Milan most likely to score a goal? Inter’s 68% of the goals has come in the first half, and 80% of those has come in 30-45 minutes in the last five games.

When is Bayern Munich most likely to score a goal? Bayern Munich has scored two goals per match in the first half and Like Inter, they have scored the majority of their First half goal in 31-45 Minutes.

Who is most likely to score for Inter Milan? Martinez has looked in the Sensational form this season and has the highest Probability in Inter’s side to score.

Who is most likely to score for Bayern Munich? Sadio Mane looks most likely to score for the German Side

Who is likely to win the match?Bayern Munich: 2, Inter Milan: 1

All statistical analysis is based on historic performance. Player performance in the final may not necessarily replicate the recent performances.

Inter Milan will go head-to-head with Bayern Munich at San Siro on Matchday 1. Both Teams had a decent run of form in the Serie-A and Bundesliga.

This Match is the Part of Group C; which also comprise Barcelona and Viktoria Plzen. Inter and Bayern will like to start on a winning note and not leave too late in this Group of Death.

Inter vs Bayern Prediction: Goals Scored and Conceded

Inter Milan:

Goals Scored Goals Conceded
First 15 minutes 3
16 to 30 minutes 1
31 to 45 minutes 4 1
46 to 60 minutes 1 3
61 to 75 minutes 0
76 to 90 minutes 3 2
First Half 7 2
Second Half 4 5
Total (Last 5 Matches) 11 7

Bayern Munich

Goals Scored Goals Conceded
First 15 minutes 2 1
16 to 30 minutes 1
31 to 45 minutes 7 1
46 to 60 minutes 2
61 to 75 minutes 2
76 to 90 minutes 2
First Half 10 2
Second Half 6
Total (Last 5 Games) 16 2

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Forwards Statistics

Shots per Goal Goals per Match
Inter Milan
Lautaro Martinez 4 1
Joaquin Correa 0.8 0.66
Romelu Lukaku 2.1 0.33
Bayern Munich
Sadio Mané 4 0.6
Musiala 2.0 0.6
Sergen Gnabry 2.4 0.6

Inter Milan Attack:

  • Lautaro Martinez, Correa, Lukaku has scored 68% of the Milan’s goals in the last five matches.
  • Martinez and Correa has an assist each to their name.

Bayern Munich Attack:

  • Mane, Gnabry and Musiala has scored 50% of goals for the Bayern Munich in the last five games.
  • Mane and Gnabry has two assist each in the last five games for the Bayern Munich.

Top Scorers for Team Inter Milan in Last Season: Champions League

  • Edin Dzeko: 3
  • Lautaro Martinez:1
  • Brazovic: 1

Top Scorers for Team Bayern Munich in Last Season: Champions League

  • Lewandowski: 13
  • Leroy Sane: 6
  • Muller: 4

Inter vs Bayern Prediction: Yellow Card Statistics

Yellow Cards per match
Marcelo Brazovic 0.50
Matteo Darmian 0.50
Stefan de vrij 0.25
Yellow Cards per match
Kimmich 0.50
Pavard 0.25
Hernandez 0.25

Inter vs Bayern Prediction: Defence Statistics

  • Inter Milan has done reasonably well defensively this season, with 12.6 tackles per game and 12 clearances per match. Inter’s defence would be spearheaded by de Vrij, the defender has won 80% of the ground duels and remains the vital cog for Inter against Bayern Munich.
  • Bayern Munich has got one of the best defence in the Champions League. Team’s total tackles per game is close to 18.2 with 80% of the Accuracy. Spearheaded by the Dutch Sensation De ligt. The defender has won 3 Clearances and has a Tackle Success % of 85%. Upamecano is the other brilliant defender who has 2.6 Tackles Success and to his credit, he has not got any card so far.
Clearances Per Game Tackles Per Game
Inter Milan
Bastoni 0.7 0.7
De Vrij 2.5 1
Skriniar 2.3 1.5
Bayern Munich
De ligt 3 0.8
Upamecano 3 2.6
Davies 0.8 1

Inter vs Bayer Prediction: goalkeeper Stats

Handanovic Neuer
Goals Conceded (per Game) 1 0.6
Clean Sheet 1 2

Inter vs Bayern Prediction: Team Stats (All Competitions; 2021/2022)

Stats Inter Milan Bayern Munich
Matches 50 46
Goals per game 1.5 2.72
Goals conceding per game 1.2 1.32
Clean Sheets 21 23

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Inter vs Bayern Prediction: Head-to-Head Statistics

  • Both teams have played seven games so far against each other and both teams are evens Stevens on stats. Both has won 3 games each and one ending in draw.

Last Meeting: Last meeting between both sides was way back in 2011 Champions League Final. Italian Side won that game 2-0.

Inter vs Bayern : Comparative Analysis

In the last five games in the Champions League at home, Inter Milan has:

  • Scored 1.2 goals per match.
  • Conceded 1 goal per match.
  • One Clean sheet

In the Last Five away games in the Champions League, Bayern Munich has:

  • Scored 2.2 goals per match
  • Conceded 0.8 goals per match
  • Two Clean sheets

Inter vs Bayern Prediction: Odds

Inter vs Bayern Prediction: Predicted Line up

Inter Milan (3-5-2): Handanovic; Bastoni, de Vrij, Skriniar; Darmian , Calhanoglu, Brazovic, Barella, Dumfries; Correa, Martinez

Bayern Munich: (4-2-3-1): Neuer; Davies, De Ligt, Upamecano, Pavard; Kimmich, Sabitzer; Sane, Musiala, Coman; Mane

Inter vs Bayern Prediction: Tactical Analysis

Inter Milan:

Inzaghi’s team does not “patiently build play” or hold onto the ball just for the sake of holding it, unlike other possession-based teams. Instead of simply “controlling” the game, they intend to completely dominate and tear apart their opponents.

During both build-up and attack, Inzaghi’s men are quick, direct, and decisive. It has always been Inzaghi’s philosophy to get the ball from defence to midfield to attack as quickly as possible, in order to maximize chances.

As a result, Inzaghi’s team is one of the most exciting to watch in Europe due to his “total football” approach. There is, however, a cost associated with this.

There is an inevitable risk of exposing your defence with direct, vertical football with incredible positional rotation and great numbers forward

Bayern Munich:

Nagelsmann tactics revolves around Controlling the game and pressing. The German’s system of Choice is 4-2-3-1 this year with New Signings. There is nothing special about the centre-back pairing. Mané tucks in almost as a second striker on the left, while Davies pushes forward and provides width. Mazraoui acts as a holding midfielder, while Kimmich and Goretzka form a double pivot fulcrum for the entire attack. Almost as a third winger, Gnabry tucks into the half-space while Musiala roams out wide on the left, giving Goretzka and Kimmich the responsibility of creating from the middle.

Inter vs Bayern Prediction: Final Analysis and Prediction

Fans can expect a riveting contest when the Italian Side will go face to face with the German Powerhouse. Both teams have looked in the decent touch in the opening phase of the League games.

Talking about this game, one can expect over 2.5 goals with Bayern Munich scoring 2 goals in the last five away games and the Reinforcement like Sadio Mané making them even Stronger this time around. Inter has failed to score only once in the last five home games. Probability of them scoring is close to 80%. However, Bayern has conceded only 0.6 goals in the last five away games. The Probable Score Line after Analytical Interpretation comes down to 2-1 in favour of Bayern.

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