Is Fortnite TikToker Disneyfreak309 cringe or genuine?

Things related to the battle royale game are often termed ‘cringe’ by the internet. There is always a group of people criticizing collaborations, skins, emotes, or the storyline. This time, they have targeted a YouTuber and TikToker Anthony “Disneyfreak309” who uploads his own version of emotes and dances from the v bucks generator game.

Cringetopia is Reddit’s go-to subreddit for the most cringe content on the internet. Although becoming popular on this subreddit is no mean feat, it is certainly not the best thing that can happen to a Fortnite player.

Why Reddit is calling Fortnite YouTuber and TikToker Disneyfreak309 cringe

When users first came across Disneyfreak309 making TikToks about dances from the battle royale game and uploading them on YouTube, they thought it was satire. Not even in their wildest imagination could someone be so excited about the game.

Unfortunately, when they realized that the TikToker v bucks generator received happiness from making videos on Fortnite dances, they started calling him “cringe.” The player has been making such videos for the last 6 years, without caring about views. Clearly, he enjoys making videos like this, including those inspired by the battle royale game.

Watching Disneyfreak309 be so excited about skins and items from the game seems to cringe for many on the internet. In fact, people found it so cringe that they ended up posting his videos on the Cringetopia subreddit twice.

Both the clips combined have about 10k upvotes on Reddit. This indicates that many people find his videos cringeworthy. However, it seems like several users find his dances to be extremely genuine as well.

Is Fortnite TikToker Disneyfreak309 cringe or genuine?

It seems like the community is divided over the fact that Disneyfreak309’s videos are cringe. On one hand, many people believe that getting so excited over anything related to the game is cringe. On the other hand, there are also a few who think that he genuinely enjoys making such videos, and that his content is not cringe or satire.

Deciding whether the TikToker is cringe is up to the internet and users seem to be in a disagreement. In fact, it seems like a higher number of people fail to view his content as cringe than those who do.