Kari Lake Polls 2022: It Is Advantage Lake but Will Salmon’s endorsement of Robson Hurt Her Chances?

July 1st, Kari Lake Polls 2022: Read our Complete analysis about the chances of Kari Lake winning the upcoming GOP Primary Race

The Arizona Governor Primary race has become a fight between Kari Lake and Karrin Taylor Robson after Matt Salmon ended his campaign.

The GOP Arizona Governor Primary Race is scheduled for August 2nd and the General election to elect the next Governor of Arizona is scheduled for November 8th. The Democratic Party’s field does not have much competition and Katie Hobbs is well-placed to win the upcoming Democratic Party’s Primary Race.

However, the competition lies in the GOP Primary Race with a battle being fought between Lake and Robson for the GOP nomination. Kari Lake has had an advantage since the very beginning as she was endorsed by former President Donald Trump but Karrin Taylor Robson has been able to pull out a surprise surge in the GOP Primary Race. Recently she got a huge boost after Matt Salmon, one of the three top candidates in the upcoming GOP Primary Race ended his campaign and endorsed Karrin Taylor Robson.

It must be remembered that Matt Salmon, despite not being the favorite to win the Primary Race, consistently polled around 10-15% vote share in all the opinion polls. Therefore, Karrin Taylor Robson may have the support of Salmon’s vote base after she got endorsed by him.

Kari Lake Polls 2022: Latest Polls

After Matt Salmon ended his campaign, no polls have been released, therefore, the effect of Salmon’s endorsement of Robson may not be gauged efficiently as of now. The polls released before have had Kari Lake leading but Karrin Taylor Robson has been able to narrow the gap as the date for the Primary election nears.

**Note: Matt Salmon ended his campaign on June 28th.

Kari Lake Polls 2022: Latest Campaign Video

YouTube video

Kari Lake Polls 2022: Latest Tweets

Kari Lake Polls 2022: Latest Google Trends For Last 7 days

Date July 1st
Lake 83%
Karrin Robson 17%

Social Media sentiments

Date July 1st
Kari Lake -21.7%
Karrin Robson -25.7%

Kari Lake Polls: Verdict

There is no denying the fact that Kari Lake is very much popular in Arizona. The polls have placed her ahead of Karrin Taylor Robson consistently and taking the average of the latest 3 polls, Lake leads by 6 points. When we add other indicators like Google Trend and the net social media sentiment, it is clear, that Kari Lake is well placed to win the upcoming GOP Primary Race.

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Kari Lake Polls 2022

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