Legault Polls: Latest Polls, Legault Approval Rating, and Campaign Videos

Legault Polls: Francois Legault and is party CAQ are leading massively in the latest poll but the Francois Legault Approval Rating is at the lowest since his election as Premier of Quebec.

In 2014 none expected Francois Legault and his Coalition Avenir Quebec to form government in Quebec despite his party winning 22 seats. In 2014, the politics of Quebec was dominated by Liberals or the Parti Québécois and CAQ was 3rd in the political landscape of Quebec.

However, in 2018 everything changed. The Quebec Election Polls in 2018 predicted a close fight between the three parties, CAQ, PLQ, and PQ with CAQ under Francois Legault having an edge. The result, however, was different for PLQ and Parti Quebecois.

CAQ with a 37.4% vote share won 74 seats, PLQ the incumbents polled only 24.8% and won only 31 seats, and one time the strongest party in Quebec, Parti Quebecois could win only 10 seats.

After 4 years of CAQ government, Quebec is once again going to vote to elect its new government. This time the polls have indicated Parti Quebecois to have almost no presence in Quebec after the election while the once unknown, PCQ may be the biggest winner in the election in terms of vote share, however, may fail to win seats.

The ruling CAQ under Francois Legault is in a better place and may return to power with a bigger margin.

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Legault Polls: Who is Francois Legault?

Francois Legault is the 32nd Premier of Quebec and has been the leader of CAQ since 2011. He had previously served as the Minister of Education (1998-2002) and Minister of Health (2002-2003) in the governments of former premiers Lucien Bouchard and Bernard Landry respectively.

Francois Legault was initially member of Parti Québécois but in 2011 he along with Charles Sirois founded a new political movement called the “Coalition pour l’avenir du Québec” and in November 2011 it became an official party, Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ).

Francois Legault is the Premier of Quebec since 2018.

Francois Legault Approval Rating

Recently Angus Reid released the latest approval rating of Francois Legault. His approval rating is at the lowest since he became the premier of Quebec.

As per the survey, Francois Legault’s approval rating now stands at 43% which is down 1% since June 2022. Overall this year Legault has lost 12% in his approval rating.

Angus Reid also released a survey related to the best Premier in the Country. As per the survey, Francois Legault with a 43% approval rating is 5th on the list.

 Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe is the most popular Premier in the country. His approval rating is 57%.

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Latest Legault Polls (Vote Share in %)

Average of Polls Sept 23 39.1 15.0 12.3 15.4 15.1
Mainstreet Sept 21 39.3 15.1 10.3 14.2 18.3
Segma Sept 20 40 14 14 16 14
Léger Sept 18 38 16 13 16 16

The latest Legault Polls have CAQ maintaining a massive lead. Due to the fragmented opposition, CAQ is ahead of its nearest rival PCQ by 20%.

In terms of seats, CAQ may win 97 seats, 23 seats more than what it had won in the last election. PCQ despite being the 2nd largest party in terms of vote share may fail to win any seat.

PLQ is headed for complete decimation even in its stronghold of Montreal and Laval. PLQ may win 18 seats, 9 seats less than what it had won in the last election.

PQ’s seat tally may drop to 1 from 7 while QS may lose 1 seat from its last elections tally. QS is projected to win 9 seats.

Legault Polls: Google Search Volume

Last Five Years: The search volume for Francois Legault started rising from March 2020. Before that there was very less search volume for Legault. There was a small bump in 2018 when his party won the Quebec election.

The search volume of Francois Legault was highest in March 2020 when the COVID wave hit Quebec hard.

Currently, the search volume for Francois Legault is at November 2021 level.

Francois Legault Polls: Net Sentiment

7 Days Last 24 Hours
Serch Ticker: Legault -35.4% -33.1%

Francois Legault Polls: Latest Videos

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Francois Legault Polls: Latest Tweets

Who is Winning the Quebec election?

Considering the latest poll and also considering the Google search volume and the net sentiment, the incumbent Premier Francois Legault is set to return as Premier of Quebec once again and this time, the margin of Victory will be much bigger.

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