Liverpool vs Napoli Prediction: Statistical Analysis

Liverpool vs Napoli Prediction

When is Liverpool most likely to score a goal? Liverpool has scored 61% of the Goals in the Second half. However, against Newcastle, the reds has scored 1 goal in the First half in the last five games.

When is Napoli most likely to score a goal? Napoli has scored most goals between 31-45 Minutes in the last five games.

Who is most likely to score for Liverpool? Luis Diaz and Salah are the most Likely to score for the Reds
Who is most likely to score for Napoli? Kvaratsekhalia has looked in Outsanding form for the Italian side and Looks Likely to score.

Who is likely to win the match?Liverpool: 1, Napoli: 1

All statistical analysis is based on historic performance. Player performance in the final may not necessarily replicate the recent performances.

Matchday 1 will pit Liverpool against Napoli at Armando Maradona Stadium. Both teams are coming of a win in this fixture.

Liverpool hold their nerves to get past Newcastle in the Last Minutes of added time. Conversely, Napoli drew Lecce in their last fixture

Liverpool vs Napoli Prediction: Goals Scored and Conceded


Some Insights:

  • Liverpool has scored 2.6 goals per match in the last five Matches.
  • The Reds have Conceded 1.6 goals per Match in the Last Five Matches, with 1.2 goals in the First half.
Goals scored Goals conceded
First 15 minutes 2 2
16 to 30 minutes 1 2
31 to 45 minutes 2 2
46 to 60 minutes 1
61 to 75 minutes 3 1
76 to 90 minutes 4 1
First Half 5 6
Second Half 8 2
Total (Last 5 Games) 13 8


Some Insights:

  • Napoli has scored 2 goals per match in the last five games with equal amount of goals in the both half
  • Napoli has conceded 0.6 goals in the first half
Goals Scored Goals Conceded
First 15 minutes
16 to 30 minutes 1 1
31 to 45 minutes 4 1
46 to 60 minutes 1 1
61 to 75 minutes 2
76 to 90 minutes 2
First Half 5
Second Half 5
Total (Last 5 Games) 10 3

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Forwards Statistics

Shots per Goal Goals per Match
Luis Diaz 2.3 0.6
Firmino 2.0 0.4
Salah 3.0 0.4
Kvaratsekhalia 2 0.75
Victor Osimhen 5 0.50
Piotr zielenski 2 0.25

Liverpool Attack:

  • Luis Diaz, Firmino and Salah has scored 65% of the goals for Liverpool in the Premier League this Season.
  • Firmino has 3 assists to his name and the only player in the trio has to give any assists

Napoli Attack:

  • Kvaratsekhali, Osimhen and Zielenski has scored more than 60% of the goals for the Napoli side.
  • Zielenski and Osimhen has combined 3 assists to their name.

Top Scorers for Liverpool in the Last Season: Champions League

  • Mohammad Salah: 8
  • Sadio Mané: 5
  • Roberto Firmino: 5

Top Scorers for Napoli in Last Season: Champions League

Liverpool vs Napoli Prediction: Yellow Card Statistics

Yellow Cards per match
Darwin Núñez 0.40
Trent Alexander Arnold 0.20
Luis Diaz 0.20
Yellow Cards per match
Lorenzo 0.33
Osimhen 0.33
Mario Rui 0.33

Liverpool vs Napoli Prediction: Defence Statistics

  • Liverpool: Virgil Van Dijk saves one goal every two matches. With an Outstanding 3.2 Clearances per match, he will be a tough opponent for Napoli Attackers, who scores many goals from Finding Space.
  • Napoli: Napoli defence would be led by Ostigaard, Di Lorenzo and Kim; the Trio has two clean sheets in the last five matches combined and saves many goals against attacking teams; Peculiar of any Italian side.
Clearances Per Game Tackles Per Game
Van Dijk 3.2 1
Arnold 0.2 1.2
Henderson 0.3 0.2
Ostigaard 4 1
Di Lorenzo 1.8 1.5
Kim 4.5 2

Liverpool vs Napoli Prediction: goalkeeper Stats

Allison Alex Meret
Goals Conceded (per Game) 1.2 0.75
Clean Sheet 1 2

Liverpool vs Napoli Prediction: Team Stats (All Competitions; 2021/2022)

Stats Liverpool Napoli
Matches 54 42
Goals per game 2.4 1.8
Goals conceding per game 1.1 1.2
Clean Sheets 21 16

Liverpool vs Napoli Prediction: Head-to-Head Statistics

Both teams had played six games between them, and it is Even Stevens. Napoli has won 2, Liverpool has won two and two has ended in a draw. The last meeting between both sides ended up in a draw when Liverpool hosted Napoli.

Liverpool vs Napoli Prediction: Comparative Analysis

In the Last Five Away games in the Champions League, Liverpool has

  • Scored 1.7 goals per match.
  • Conceded 1.5 goals per match.
  • One clean sheet.

In the Last five Home games in the Champions League, Napoli has:

  • Scored 1 goal per match
  • Conceded 1.5 goals per match
  • One clean sheet.

Liverpool vs Napoli: Odds

Liverpool vs Napoli Prediction: Predicted Line up

Liverpool (4-3-3): Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Konate, Van Dijk, Robertson;  Fabinho, Alcantara, Henderson; Mane, Jota, Salah

Liverpool vs Napoli Prediction: Tactical Analysis


  • Generally, a 4-3-3 formation is an attacking formation, but in the Liverpool FC team, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson are playing higher up the field during an attack. The reason is that they have now become inverted full-backs, which are left and right backs who play like traditional wingers.
  • Trent’s role as an inverted right back helps in most attacks, since he plays closely with Mo Salah up front. Inverted full-backs move the ball into an attack in a triangular pattern with the midfielder and winger. He plays closely with Luis Diaz in the inverted left back role.


  • Typically, Spalleti’s team plays a 4-2-3-1, which builds its game from wide and deep. His two open center backs receive support from two midfielders to start the game with the ball. In addition, the striker fixes the center backs in their own half while the wingers take advantage of the width to continuously threaten the other team’s defence. In turn, the midfielder’s intermediate position acts as support between enemy lines, so if the opposition presses hard, they can move back to provide support and relieve pressure.

Liverpool vs Napoli Prediction: Final Analysis and Prediction

  • Liverpool and Napoli is expected to be a thriller on Matchday 1. Both teams are playing decent Football up to this point. Napoli has not lost a Single game in the Serie A so far and is expected to give the Reds a difficult Fight.
  • Conversely, Liverpool has regained some form after the Slip up against United.


  • Liverpool has more Quality in their side, but Napoli has shown again and again the team from Italy are no push overs and has the potential to upset anyone on their day. We are going for a draw in this fixture.

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