Logged back in after a long rest, now my character is carrying over 10K lbs??

Hello all!

Like the title says I came back to play FO 76 after a while (last log off was after raiders and settlers gold bar questline). The first thing that greeted me was, however, my character is apparently carrying over 10,000 lbs in inventory (stash is fine, 800 ish /1200). But I look here and there and it doesn't make sense my character is carrying that much. Been looking through the inventory for almost an hour now and nothing sums up to that much.

I can't transfer items between stash and inventory either, but the weight decreases as I sell to a shop. But at this pace my character is stuck in The Crater.

Does anybody know what is going on? I searched around the internet but can't really find the same case I'm going through (more like I don't even know what to search by)
I want to get back to the game so that I can play with my old friends!

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