Meet shitty little hacker and the gang + trap camp where they spawn in costume rad traps and bleed traps around you, kill you, take your loot and then harass you over voice.

All this of course and using costume hacked weapons (switched to legacies when I started taking pics) to kill the queen in 2 seconds….

Particularly proud of the trash behavior and running around like a band of cockroaches.Not to mention the little shit had the audacity to taunt me into PVP.

After they failed to to get any loot or trick me into PVP with the mutations and traps and saw me taking pics they got really anxious and mad and started hot micing on area chat playing voice lines.:D

Its always the micro pp shits with hacks that talk the maddest shit cause they cant have any power IRL.Sad Sad Sad.It's nice to see human filth attracts human filth.

Pics attached below:

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