Met some new characters today.

I'm trying to catch the Responder Vendor Bot with a clean spacesuit. So most of my day was spent running and forth by the Charleston Station and farming Poseidon powerplant. I was very unaware of all the potential encounters I have been missing by fast traveling, but here's what I encountered today.

First I came across a guy standing next to an Oppossum, but seemingly unable to kill it. I shot the critter and he thanked me. Next I was scanned by a Responder eyebot. My next pass through I was blindsided by an Assaultron Invader and I think most people would have jumped out of their seat, but somehow I jumped my character on the roof of the train station… On the way across the train bridge I found myself lifted into the air by another responder bot coming straight out of the bridge under my feet. While in the air, caught a glimpse of some balloons and found a lemonade stand! After leaving the lemonade stand I saw a man running for his life from a chicken, so I killed the chicken. Then I learned that collecting a chicken's meat leaves a defeathered corpse.. My next encounter was at last, the vendor bot! No clean space suit, but I did snag a clean straight jacket ironically enough on this crazy day! The next guy was shirtless and asked me to take a photo of him. Snapped a shot and he went on his way. To wrap up the whole adventure, I was collecting my last batch of loot from the power plant and found a vertibot parked on the landing pad with a box of signal grenades! What. A. Day…

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