Movies soundtracks that took on a life of their own

After thinking quite a bit ,I have realised that there is no recent movie that I can think of ,that had as many popular original songs as the Greatest Showman. The movie was pretty average but I kid you not, at least 6 of its songs were on the radio regularly. In fact ,I had heard most of the soundtrack before I even knew it was from a movie. By comparison ,most other movies with acclaimed soundtracks have at most 2 songs that truly penetrate into popular culture. With La la land ,it was "City of Stars" and "Those who dream". For Moana it was "How far Ill go" and maybe "You're welcome". Even the winner for best original song that year, A Star Is Born, only had one memorable song(Shallow).

The closest soundtrack I can think of ,that did something similar is "The Lion King"

What are some other examples?

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