Movies that had great reputations that did nothing for you when you finally watched them

Finally saw the movie Pacino got his Oscar for: 1992’s Scent of A Woman. His performance was good, but it was like a day at the office for a Nick Cage B- movie. The writing was awful, as was the pacing. There were multiple times my wife and I rolled our eyes at each other, so absurdly ridiculous were the premises upon which we were supposed to care about the characters. Trying to avoid spoilers here but the scene with the two of them and the gun was FUCKING RIDICULOUS. One of the characters actually says “You either want me to adopt you or we both die!!” Just flabbergasting that this—THIS SHIT—is how Al fucking PACINO won an Oscar. This was made for tv hallmark shit. Anyway—what movies did you go into expecting some level of masterpiece only to struggle getting through the entire thing?

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