NEAR Protocol Price Prediction 2022,2025 and 2030

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction 2022,2025 and 2030

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction: The Current Outlook for NEAR Protocol is Negative.

NEAR is expected to rise nearly 20 fold by 2030

Latest price of NEAR

NEAR Protocol Prediction: Performance Chart

Near Protocol Ethereum Cardano
Last 5 Days +3.8% +2.1% +1.2%
YTD -72.4% -58.1% -66.9%

What is happening on NEAR?

NEAR Lists on Coinbase

NEAR Launches Sustainable Learn and Earn Program with Coinbase

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction 2022

The rest of the year is uncertain given the Macroeconomic uncertainties. NEAR Protocol is predicted to rise to a high of $ 5.2 during the year.

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction 2023

The Global economy is expected to improve somewhat in 2023. NEAR Protocol is predicted to rise to a high of $ 8.3 during the year.

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction 2025

With Global economies resuming normal operations by 2025, NEAR Protocol price is predicted to rise to a high of $15.7 during the year 2025.

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction 2030

The years between 2025 and 2030 are expected to be a Golden era for the adoption of blockchains. If NEAR manages to differentiate itself even further and survive that period, the NEAR Protocol Token price could go up as high as $74.3 by 2030.

Near Protocol Price Prediction: Today’s Outlook

Overall Outlook Negative
1. Market Wisdom Negative
a. Market Performance Lower
b. Technical Recommendation Sell
2. Crowd Wisdom Partially Negative
a. Social Media Buzz Steady
b. Social Media Net Sentiment Lower

NEAR Protocol Google Search Interest

During the week, NEAR Protocol search volumes have risen marginally. However, prices fell as the broader market trended lower.

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What is NEAR Protocol?

  • Layer-1 POS Blockchain
  • Faster and Cheaper than most other Blockchains [100,000 TPS]
  • Proprietary Sharding Technique which enables faster scaling[Claim]
  • Friendly to Creators [Claim]
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Rainbow Bridge to link with Ethereum Blockchain
  • Aurora Layer-2 which enables Ethereum Apps to be launched on NEAR

Where to Buy Near Protocol Coin?

Before we jump to the platform providing Near Protocol coins, let us discuss how to purchase, Near Protocol coin:

  1. Finding a crypto exchange that has Near ProtocolToken coins listed
  2. Create an account with the Exchange
  3. Verify your identity
  4. Fund the Wallet
  5. Make the Purchase

There are a few platforms where you can buy Near Protocol Token. Few famous exchanges offering Near Protocol Token are

Near Protocol Price Prediction

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