NH Governor Election 2022 Polls: Sununu likely to win both the Primary and General Election again

NH Governor Election 2022 Polls: Chris Sununu has a huge advantage over his rivals.

August 25th

The election to elect New Hampshire’s next Governor will be held on November 8, 2022. The incumbent is Republican Chris Sununu, who has already announced that he will be running for a fourth term. New Hampshire is just one of two US states, along with Vermont to have 2-year governor terms.

Chris Sununu has one of the highest net approval ratings amongst all Governors at +29%. It is almost impossible for any candidate to beat him either in the primary or the General election

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While this race may not be competitive, New Hampshire will hold a crucial and competitive race for Senate with Sununu’s predecessor, Maggie Hassan (D) running for re-election.

NH Governor Election 2022 Polls: Latest Polls, Republican Primary

NH Governor Election 2022 Polls: Google Trends Data for Republicans (Last 7 Days)

Chris Sununu Thad Riley Karen Testerman
August 25th 34% 33% 33%

New Hampshire Governor Race 2022 Polls: Net Sentiment Last 7 Days

Chris Sununu Thad Riley
August 25th 54.1% 58.4%

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New Hampshire Governor Polls 2022: General Election Polls

Due to the lack of a Democratic candidate, there have not been any head-to-head polls conducted. However, one poll tests Sununu against a generic Democratic candidate, which shows Sununu’s potential vulnerability as his approval has tanked since his re-election

The poll comes from Saint Anselm College, with the fieldwork of January 11-12, 2022, asking 1275 registered voters their choice between Sununu and a generic Democratic candidate. It showed both the candidates garnering 45% of the vote.

New Hampshire Governor Polls 2022: Latest Videos

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New Hampshire Governor Race 2022 Polls: Latest Tweets

NH Governor Election 2022 Polls: Candidates in the primaries

Here are the candidates running in the primary:
Republican Primary

  1. Thad Riley, entrepreneur, former Brentwood school board member, and community advocate
  2. Chris Sununu, Governor of New Hampshire (2017–present)
  3. Karen Testerman, former Franklin city councilor and candidate for governor in 2020

Democratic Primary

  1. Tom Sherman, state senator (2018–present)

New Hampshire Governor Polls 2022: Racial Demographics

As per the latest 2020 Census Figures, the voting age demographics of the state are as follows:

Demographics Proportion
White American 88.9%
Black American 1.9%
Hispanic American 3.6%
Asian American 3%
Native American 1.7%
Others 0.1%

NH Governor Election 2022 Polls: What Happened In Last Election?

The last New Hampshire gubernatorial election was held on November 3, 2020. Chris Sununu defeated  his opponent Dan Feltes remarkably.

Sununu’s 2020 win was a landslide win as he received the most votes of any Gubernatorial candidate in NH history despite Biden winning the state by over 7 points. His first two races were much closer. He only won by 2.2 points in 2016 and a little over 7 in 2018. In 2020 he received 65.1% of total votes polled while his opponent received only 33.4% of votes.

New Hampshire is one of the whitest states in the country and had one of the larger swings in 2020 compared to 2016. In 2016, it was the closest state in the country by raw vote total as Clinton won by 0.3%.

However, Biden did 7 points better powered by impressive margins with White college-educated voters in the southeast of the state, which are considered part of the Boston Metro Area. The demographics of the state do favor Democrats, as it is irreligious, heavily urbanized and one of the most college-educated states in the country.

However, it remains politically quirky as its voter tend to split their tickets a lot. While Biden won the state in 2020, Republicans won full control of the state legislature, wresting it from Democratic control after they won it during their 2018 wave, powered by Governor Sununu’s popularity. Democrats will be hoping to avoid a surprising result like this again.

NH Governor Election 2022 Polls

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