Nintendo 64 Machine Stamps

I know this topic has been broached before, possibly even by me, but I'm looking to get some more information in regards to what exactly the machine stamp on the back of Nintendo games denotes?

In an attempt to keep responses more organized I was hoping to number/ask some specific questions.

  1. Does the number stamped on the back universally mean the same thing across all consoles? For example does an "11" mean the same thing on a NES games as it does Gameboy/N64/SNES?

  1. If it isn't universal I'm really looking to currently focus on nintendo 64 machine stamps as it's relative to a guide/project I'm working on. Does anyone know specifically what they mean for the Nintendo 64 and could you elaborate at the very least what you do know?

  1. If you're able to answer either question no matter how brief where exactly did you come across this information? My goal as with all things is to get to the source of the information and be able to if not validate it at the very least refrence a reputed source. It's one thing if you're a highly respected collector well known within the community that's recognized as something of an authority vs. "random guy on facebook".

Any and all insight, responses, information is greatly appreciated!


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