Odessa, Texas, remains without water as temperatures soar

Odessa, Texas, remains without water as temperatures soar

ODESSA, Texas (AP) – Residents of the West Texas city of Odessa were left without water Wednesday as crews worked to restore service amid scorching temperatures in the area.

The city’s water system’s 165,000 customer faucets lost pressure or went completely dry after the 24-inch (61 centimetres) water main burst on Monday afternoon, according to the city’s social media pages. Odessa Mayor Javier Joven declared a state of emergency and issued a boil water advisory for system customers who still had water until further notice.

Temperatures on Wednesday are expected to approach 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) as Texas – like much of the United States – has faced extremely hot and humid conditions this week.

City officials told a Tuesday afternoon news conference that potable water could be restored later Wednesday, but the water system must be carefully shut down to avoid further disruptions.

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The city, located about 330 miles (530 kilometres) west of Dallas, planned to distribute water to residents of the Ector County Coliseum and supply water to nursing homes.

Deputy City Manager Phillip Urrutia said that water tankers had been strategically placed around the city to respond to any fires.

“We are seeing an ageing infrastructure. It’s a cast-iron pipe, so those are generally more susceptible to breakage than other new technologies like PVC pipes that go into the ground,” he said.

Odessa, Texas, remains without water as temperatures soar

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