Pacifist mode: Mines and grenade VATS targeting still not fixed

I just want to bring awareness to some of the many bugs still in the game. This time Pacifist mode:

With pacifist mode enabled, other players are still able to trigger your mines and sometimes even kill themselves if the mines emit rads (thought this was supposed to be fixed?). Mines would be fantastic in some defensive events (f.e. feed the people) but this renders them completely useless.

Also you can still target grenades from other people with VATS and the pacifist mode doesnt prevent you from blowing those up. In game those greades arent marked red (hostile) but rather white (allied), so it doesnt make any sense why we can damage them.

Thats a really big issue when using the gun fu perk, as you automatically target the closest "enemy". Using automatic rifles you very often instakill the grenade basically as soon as it leaves another players hand.

Also, the last time i saw a serious PVP fight was before the Wastelanders Update and i constantly see low level players with small bounties on their head due to accidental teamdamage. Many i spoke to had no clue about pacifist mode.

Wouldnt it be better to make pacifist mode the default now and PVP opt-in?

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