PSG vs Juventus Prediction: Statistical Analysis

PSG vs Juventus Prediction

When is PSG most likely to score a goal? PSG have scored 60% of their goals in the second half in the league 1 this season.

When is Juventus most likely to score a goal? Juventus has scored 66% of their goals in the first half.

Who is most likely to score for PSG? Neymar and Mbappé looks likely to score against Juventus. Mbappe have more shots than any PSG Player this season

Who is most likely to score for Juventus? Dusan Vlahovic looks likely to score against PSG.

Who is likely to win the match? PSG: 3 Juventus: 1

Pick: Over 2.5 Goals

All statistical analysis is based on historic performance. Player performance in the final may not necessarily replicate the recent performances.

Matchday 1 of Champions League will pit PSG hosting Juventus. Both teams have had a decent run of form till now. PSG are unbeaten in the League 1 so far. Conversely, Juventus is also playing a good football.

This would be the tenth meeting between both sides. Juventus has lost only a game against Parisians so far.

PSG vs Juventus Prediction: Goals Scored and Conceded


Goals Scored Goals Conceded
First 15 minutes 2
16 to 30 minutes 2 1
31 to 45 minutes 4
46 to 60 minutes 4 2
61 to 75 minutes 3 0
76 to 90 minutes 5 1
First Half 8 1
Second Half 12 3
Total (Last 5 Matches) 20 4


Goals Scored Goals Conceded
First 15 minutes 2 1
16 to 30 minutes 1
31 to 45 minutes 1 1
46 to 60 minutes 1
61 to 75 minutes 2
76 to 90 minutes 1 1
First Half 4 2
Second Half 2 3
Total (Last 5 Games) 6 5

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Forwards Statistics

Shots per goal Goals per Match
Neymar 3 1.4
Mbappe 6.5 1.25
Messi 4.4 0.6
Dusan Vlahovic 3.3 1.0
Di Maria 1 0.25
Milik 1 0.25

PSG Attack:

  • Messi, Mbbape and Neymar is the Most dangerous attacking trio Right now. The trio has scored 70% of the goals for the PSG in the last five games.
  • Messi and Neymar Combined has 13 Assists in the last five games.

Juventus Attack:

  • Vlahovic, Di Maria and Milik has scored all the goals for Juventus this Season.
  • Di Maria has an assist to his name in the last five matches.

Top Scorers for PSG in Last Season: Champions League

  • Mbappé: 6
  • Messi: 5
  • Wijnaldum: 2

Top Scorers for Juventus in Last Season: Champions League

  • Dybala: 3
  • Chiesa: 2
  • Morata: 2

PSG vs Juventus Prediction: Yellow Card Statistics

Yellow Cards per match
Vitinha 0.40
Kimpembe 0.40
Neymar 0.20
Yellow Cards per 90 minutes
Locatelli 0.37
Sandro 0.36
Kostic 0.35

PSG vs Juventus Prediction: Defence Statistics

  • PSG has not been challenged defensively in the last Five games. Marquinhos, Kimpembe and Ramos had decent outings. However, it remains to be seen how the trio will go against strong teams.
  • Locatelli and Zakaria has seen Juventus through two games with duo combined to 5.5 tackles per match with 70% of Success Percentage.
Clearances Per Game Tackles Per Game
Marquinhos 1 1.6
Kimpembe 1.5 0.5
Ramos 1 1.2
Locatelli 1 3
Zakaria 0.8 2.5
Danilo 1.2 2.3

PSG vs Juventus Prediction: goalkeeper Stats

Donnarumma Szczesny
Goals Conceded (per Game) 0.6 0.68
Clean Sheet 2 1

PSG vs Juventus: Stats (Champions League 2021/2022)

Stats PSG Juventus
Matches 8 7
Goals per game 1.87 1.4
Goals conceding per game 1.37 1.3
Clean Sheets 2 4

PSG vs Juventus Prediction: Head-to-Head Statistics

Matches: 09 | Juventus: 07 | Draw: 1 | PSG: 1

PSG vs Juventus: Odds

PSG vs Juventus Prediction: Tactical Analysis


  • Christophe Galtier made the first significant change by switching to three centre-backs. In addition to allowing them to use their three main centre-backs simultaneously, it also optimizes the ball-playing abilities of Sergio Ramos and Presnel Kimpembe. Marquinhos provides cover, allowing the two to support their wings in possession and create numerical superiority.
  • Achraf Hakimi, Marco Verratti, Vitinha, and Nuno Mendes form a line of four in front of them. In possession, both wing-backs are responsible for maintaining width and providing support in the final third. A balanced and effective partnership is created by Vitinha and Verratti’s individual characteristics in the middle


  • Although Juventus set up in a 4-4-2 on paper, the shape only resembled a 4-4-2 when out of possession. In terms of ball control, Juventus adapted to the pitch’s terrain and the pressure from the opposition. During the defensive third, the center backs split, utilizing the goalkeeper as an additional passing option and allowing the full-backs and wide midfielders to push forward
  • In this phase, the second striker frequently drops deep to offer a combination option. This allows the striker to release pressure and facilitate ball carrying from the defensive to the mid/attacking third by finding their fullback or central midfielder in space. Juventus would move as shown above: left midfielder to forward position, right midfielder to right wing, left back to left wing, striker remains advanced, and second striker roams as playmaker. As a result of these movements, a 2-3-5 or 3-2-5 formation is formed in the attacking third

PSG vs Juventus Prediction: Predicted Line up

PSG: (3-4-3): Donnarumma, Ramos, Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Hakimi, Vitinha , Verrati, Nuno Mendes, Mpabbe, Messi, Neymar

Juventus: (4-3-3): Szczesny, Danilo, Gatti, Bremer, De Sciglio, Miretti, locateli, Rabiot, Cuadrado, Vlahovic, Di Maria

PSG vs Juventus Prediction: Final Analysis and Prediction

  • PSG vs Juventus is expected to be a riveting contest as the Champions of France takes on the Champions of Italy. Both sides have got some magnificent players in their ranks. PSG have got Arguably the best Front three in the Europe right now. Messi, Mbappé and Neymar has the potential to change the match in the minutes.
  • Conversely, Juventus is suffering from some injuries, with chiesa on the sidelines and De ligt going to Bayern Munich this season. However, the team from Italy is a pretty strong defensive side and would give a tough test to Galtier’s side.
  • PSG are strong favourites going into this match. Parisians are capable of tearing any side apart with the likes of Mbappé and Neymar in their ranks. Juventus on the other side must be pretty strong about their chances, knowing defensive Vulnerabilities in PSG

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