r/AmItheAsshole – AITA for just leaving when my boyfriend was gaming the whole night?

So my (29f) boyfriend (30m) is a gamer. And don’t get me wrong – I play videogames myself and really enjoy spending my time playing videogames.

But since my boyfriend lives quite far away we only see each other once a week. That’s our quality time together.

Yesterday I worked the whole day, went to the gym and then drove over to my boyfriends house. I arrived there at 7-ish. When I came in he was playing videogames with his friends. No biggie – I told him I’m gonna take a shower and be right out. When I came back he wasn’t playing anymore and instead asked if I’m hungry and wanted to order some food.

I thought he stopped playing and we’re gonna spend time together now – but no. He ordered food and went right back to gaming.

At about 9-ish our food arrived. He was still playing. Fixed myself a plate, sat down to eat – he didn’t join me. After I finished I just got my stuff and told him I’m gonna leave because I’m not spending my evening watching him play videogames.

He FINALLY took his headset off and told me: Well you could’ve said something! I was about to stop anyways.

I told him that I feel like its common sense to not be playing videogames when your girlfriend visits you and left.

I was there for 2 hours and the whole time he was playing. He hasn’t tried to contact me in any way since. When I left it looked like he’s super pissed. (but immediately started talking to his friends again before I was even out the door)

And to be honest – I didn’t feel like an asshole then and I don’t feel like one now. But the more I talk to friends about it – the more I feel like I should’ve said something? Maybe to some people it’s not obvious that someone wouldnt want to watch them play games the whole night?

I mean it should be. But maybe it isn’t?

TL;DR: Boyfriend was playing videogames for two hours straight after I’ve arrived. So I left. Now he’s pissed at me for leaving and not telling him to stop playing games.

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